Big Brother Canada 5 Triple Eviction Recap

POV Competition Triple Eviction BBCAN5

Wow! What an episode of Big Brother Canada. Any multi-eviction night in Big Brother is always going to be entertaining but this one was one of the best and ended in far better circumstances than we could have imagined. It even, for the first time this season, started off with the shocking saving of the player in the house who has probably played the best game in place of the contestant in the house who has undoubtedly played the worst game. Let’s get right into the latest episode of Big Brother Canada 5 and talk about all that went down in that incredible triple eviction.

Ika vs. Jackie 

Jackie and Dre BBCAN5

The episode began with a brief Ika vs. Jackie styled scrambling. Jackie told Dre that she was way more likely to win competitions than Ika was, almost forgetting how to campaign. Unbeknownst to her somehow, that would be a reason to want to send her home. And given that that was the only conversation we saw from her fighting for her life before she was sent packing, that’s a really bad omen.

Meanwhile everyone around Ika was starting to realize that keeping her in the house would be best move for their game. Although it actually might not have been true at the time that keeping Ika would put them in a better position, it was amazing to see people starting to want to save Ika again. Kevin declared that he wanted to see it happen and even made a final three deal with them and behind the scenes Karen and Ika even made a final four deal with them. But none of that was shown to the audience, which made it all the more stunning when the votes started coming in and Jackie picked up every single one of them except for Dre’s vote, being evicted by 4-1. This was just absolutely shocking. In addition to Demetres, Dillon, Karen and William all in stunning fashion voted for Ika to stay, sending Jackie packing in the process.

So Why Did Ika Stay? 

Jackie and Ika BBCAN5

At this moment in time I only have a limited information about why exactly Jackie, the least competent player in the house was sent home in place of Ika, one of the more competent. Jackie was a flip-flopper all season long and nobody really liked her all that much. At least people felt that with Ika that she was going to be a bigger target than them. However, keeping her in the house might have just been a fatal mistake for them to make.

So we know that Kevin made a final three deal with Ika and Demetres, which probably means he swayed William to go that direction for the vote as well and keep Ika in the house. Karen and Dillon on the other hand is a little more perplexing especially when remember how angry Ika was with Karen and how upset she made her in the pantry the other day? Thing is, the only person in the house that Karen dislikes more than Ika now, is Jackie and maybe, that played a role in her decision to evict her.

Either way, Ika being saved is absolutely amazing from a TV perspective, especially when it came so close to that triple eviction and gave hope that if Demetres could just win power that he would be safe. It’s great for all of us because now we don’t have to watch all of the worst players hanging out together at the end, but it’s terrible for them because they all might have just handed Ika and Demetres the win which would be such an incredibly desirable result for the fans of the show at the end of this all.

More info to come on why exactly Ika stayed inside of the house when all looked to be stacked against her.

Demetres’ Jury Ride With Sindy 

Demetres and Sindy BBCAN5

After winning that vital POV competition to keep both him and Ika in the house this week, Demetres was also given a special power where he was able to spend some time with jury member. So the choices were between Bruno, Sindy and Neda. He felt like his relationship with Neda probably was going to be too hard to repair, while he thought he already had Bruno’s vote, so he decided to take Sindy.

Sindy was rather harsh on Demetres in saying that he hasn’t done anything that was solely his move. She said that the jury saw him as Ika’s lap-dog and that he could only win if he showed the jury that he could do something that was solely his move. Demetres was willing to listen and his questions for Sindy were excellent. Then when he started to fight for Sindy’s vote, you could already see how well he is going to do in front of the jury if he is given the chance. The Greek started talking about his competition wins, how he had to fight to stay alive in the first week up against Mark and how he actually has played a different game to Ika. In reality, Ika has needed Demetres and his competition wins this season more than Demetres has needed Ika. But at the same time, the veteran will pull out ahead with the votes ahead of the Greek without question. So Sindy’s harshness was justified to an extent. If Demetres goes to the end with Ika, he loses. If Demetres goes to the end with anyone else, I think he wins. So with the end result of this triple eviction, Demetres needs to do something big to win and it probably relies on Ika going out of the house at some point. Can you imagine with Demetres cut Ika at the final three like Jon did to Neda? Neither can I, but that is probably what is going to be required for him to win if it gets down to that point with the two of them still together.

HOH Competition

bbcan5 all the houseguests are fake lol

After Arisa announced that this week was a triple eviction, Kevin looked ready to hurdle himself through the TV. With good reason to. He went out in the triple back in BBCAN3 without a single vote to stay and just like this season, was the outgoing HOH, so he was already beginning to get a glimpse of deja vu.

Fake vs. Real BBCAN5

At the HOH competition, Arisa read to the contestants a series of BBCAN headlines that they had to discern as being either fake or real news. In the end it all came down to Dillon and Demetres and amazingly The Greek gained power for the sixth time in five weeks. He is beginning to get on Frank Eudy level and if any contestant in the history of this show was able to win his way to the end, I think it has to be Demetres.

But Kevin still looked like he wanted the ground to just come up and swallow him. From Dillon’s perspective if he had won, Kevin might still have gone on that block but probably with Demetres and Ika and then he’d have a fighting chance to stay. The problem then becomes about the POV where The Greek would certainly be the favourite to win. If he was able to pull himself off the block, Kevin would be destined to go home.

But that is just fan fiction because Dillon did not win power and instead Demetres did. Ika immediately felt bad for Kevin but that didn’t stop them from putting Dre, William and Kevin on the block. Suddenly in this scene, Dillon was like their main man. Kevin fought for his place in the game, pleading “Keep me off. It’s us three till the final three”. But Ika and Demetres were still afraid, saying that he will beat them in the end. Karen and Dillon on the other hand weren’t going to beat them. Plus, they just voted for her to stay so they couldn’t immediately betray them by putting Karen and Dillon back on that block together. So with a limited number of options, Kevin was the only option and was quickly sent to the block alongside William and Dre. Immediately I’m thinking that Dre’s solid relationships she’s built in the house might be enough to save her here. But there was still a POV Competition to get to.

POV Competition

POV Competition Triple Eviction BBCAN5

At the POV competition, just like in the first triple eviction back in BBCAN3, the competition was all about just running back and forth. In the end, Kevin with that adrenaline pumping, fought desperately hard to win that POV and out of nowhere, KEVIN PULLED OUT THE POWER OF VETO! Just when he needed it most. Now he was able to take himself off the block and avoid being evicted in a triple for the second time.

Kevin Martin can't believe he just won POV

This was just so clutch from Kevin. He was heartbroken when it was announced that another triple eviction was on its way, heartbroken when he was put on the block and now stood with the POV around his neck, rallying the house back against Ika and Demetres again.

Will Dillon Stay Safe? 

Kevin and Karen

So with Kevin about to take himself off the block, Demika had a split second decision to make. They could either nominate Dillon or Karen. Ika was first to bring up the idea about putting Dillon on that block which is probably the right call. Dillon is the way bigger threat between the two and certainly has a lot more winner’s equity than Karen has. They also realized at this time that Karen would save Dillon, Kevin might save William and if Ika saved Dre that would leave a three-way tie that Demetres would be forced to break.

But while this was going on, Kevin was rallying Karen to save Dillon. The poker player disclosed everything to Karen, including that final three deal that he had made with Demetres and Ika and how they had just stabbed him in the back by putting him on the block. As Karen was almost in tears Kevin cried “We save Dillon and I’m going to go after them at the final five”. All I’m thinking is ‘Yes Kevin Yes! Yes Kevin Yes!’.

Kevin then reiterates one more time “We control the vote me and you and I’m going after Demetres and Ika in the final five”. Suddenly, Karen and Kevin who were against each other all season long were suddenly on the same page. And the poker player was so fired up when he took himself off the block that even told Demetres and Ika “You made the wrong choice”. Now suddenly, I was rooting for Dillon to stay in the house over William and Dre and make this season great again. BBCAN3 got significantly worse after the triple eviction, but BBCAN5 can only get better from here now.

After much deliberation and the longest time ever spent in the diary room thinking about a vote, Ika saved Dillon. Kevin was next and he also saved Dillon, making the boxer automatically safe! Then Karen comes in and seals the deal, making it 3-0-0! Woohoo! Nice. This is possibly the best possible outcome we could have hoped for from the once dreaded triple eviction. Now not only are both Ika and Demetres still in the house, but Kevin has a fighting chance to win, planning on going to the final three with Karen and Dillon against the two mentioned before.

Dre and William BBCAN evicted 2

When Demetres won power, Dre and William were put on the bottom and so no matter what they weren’t screwed by the twist of the triple eviction as they were likely going to be the next two to go regardless of where power turned that following week. They were really good with their eviction too. Dre and William both laughed it off a lot in front of the cameras and were very nice and composed in front of Arisa despite the devastation that just came.


So that is where it all ended, with the shocking eviction of Dre, William and a half an hour earlier Jackie, from Big Brother Canada 5. This was the best possible (realistic) outcome that could have come about in this triple eviction and it was so highly entertaining to watch. This will go down as one of the best episodes in Big Brother Canada history. Thanks for reading and I will see you next Monday for another episode recap!

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