Big Brother Canada 5 Week 9 Monday HOH Nominations Recap

As predicted, this season got infinitely better after the triple eviction! Not that it was really lacking in any way, but it was on a bit of a slog since the early evictions of powerhouses Cass and Gary. But the triple eviction caused a major reset in the game and now brings great hope of having a worthy winner of this season.

The episode started off with a bit of an extended (seventeen-minute) recap on all that happened in that explosive (and amazing) triple eviction. The most noteworthy thing to come out of this was a shocking one-sided screaming match between Dre and Dillon.

Dre’s Deception 

Almost immediately once the show began, Ika disclosed that a little while before the vote, Dillon revealed that Dre told him that she was gunning for Ika. All week long Dre had been trying to get Ika out of the house but she didn’t want to be the one to take the shot. But shockingly even though the numbers were going in Ika’s favour, she ended up being the only vote to evict her, in some strange attempt to toss Jackie a sympathy vote.

We then witnessed a heated fight between Dillon and Dre about his decision to disclose this information to Ika. Dre was screaming at the boxer over the fact that he told Ika that she was planning on voting her out. Everything Dre was saying was just absolutely ludicrous, especially when she was the only vote to send Ika home and was somehow still trying to deny the fact that she had completely flipped on the only person she was pleading loyalty to. Just bizarre; and with that kind of gameplay, she deserved to go home.

Kevin Exposes Ika and Demetres…Again

Once the show returned back to more of the unseen footage, Kevin started to expose Ika and Demetres’ final three deal with him for a second time. Dillon was a bit shocked to hear the news but I don’t think he cared too much. That is because at this point, nobody really wanted Kevin to stay. If they had it their way, Karen, Demetres, Ika and Dillon would be going to the final four with each other; even despite all that happened in the triple. Karen has even spoken about wanting Ika or Demetres to win the game, almost throwing in the towel for her own game as a result. But then once the HOH competition rolled around, everything changed again!

The HOH Competition 

Nobody in the Oddysey has studied more than Kevin this season. It’s like he’s been cramming for a final exam all season long and now it’s resulted in his ability to come up big when it’s mattered most. For that matter, he’ll probably be able to continue on in this regard until the end of the season. I really don’t see anyone beating him in that final three competition if it’s anything like it was last season, you know the one where the not so great Kelsey Faith got all of the questions correct.

So it was no surprise that when the competiton was a memory test on previous speeches and what day they took place, he won this competition with ease.

Karen’s Mission 

After that Karen was given a surprise visit from a BBCAN icon. It took all the way until the final five but Marsha the Moose finally made an appearance on this season! Marsha the Moose, brought to you by the voice of BB producer and challenge director Trevor Boris, gave Karen the task of assigning potentially game ruining punishments to the rest of the house. Or as Marsha put it, “Your mission is to scare the crap out of the rest of the houseguests” . All of the “punishments” were to be fake, but the rest of the house wouldn’t know that. So while they watched on from the HOH room, Karen tried her best to fulfill the task, and she actually really sold it.

It’s good that they picked Karen for this because no matter what, it wouldn’t affect her game. (Karen has a 0% chance to win right now). I know that’s harsh but the BB producers knew what they were doing here in picking Karen. By the way, if I was in the house and I saw this I would have been dying. Dillon actually started to cry while she was reading out these cards and to be honest, I probably would have been close to it as well. As crazy as those punishments were, they were realistic enough to cause severe fear in the minds of the rest of the houseguests. Besides, she actually acted pretty well. She started turning on the tears, giving fake life speeches, pretending like she was debating about it, and then finally jumping in and actually doing it, starting with Dillon and assigning the boxer the ‘solitary for 48 hours’ card.

While all this was going on, Kevin had no reaction the entire time. That is until Karen gave him the “Lose 1 Juror Vote” card and he immediately sunk his head down to his chest. Then she was on to Demetres, giving him the (fake) inability to play the final four veto; which would have been the most unfair thing ever seen on Big Brother if it was actually real. Finally, she gave Ika the ‘Never Vote Again’ card which, surely the houseguests would recognize as making zero sense at all right? For example if she had won the final three HOH and needed to have the sole vote to evict how would she do that? Who would then get the power instead?

But the houseguests didn’t really seem to be on to the fact that this was fake and so we have to give credit to Karen’s acting skills. Dillon was nowhere to be seen, Kevin was silently emotional and Ika had a complete meltdown. The letter shredding queen claimed she wasn’t mad…but the tears begged to differ.

Luckily for Ika, it was all a rouse and the house was able to laugh it off once Karen revealed it to be that way.

Ika and Demetres Go On The Block 

Once the show finished it’s funny business for the night, we then got down to the more serious stuff as Demetres and Ika resigned themselves again to going back on that block, just as they did when Kevin was in power last week too.But before the HOH ceremony actually took place, Kevin started to disclose his future plans to Dillon, outlying how the rest of the game could go by using pillows. In all honesty, Kevin’s game has been a little messy this season, but he still deserves credit for how good he is at the art of persuasion. On top of that, at least he knows how to position himself, which is something some of the others have lucked into in a way. It was pretty smart for Kevin to run through the scenarios and explain how the game could look next week, especially because the poker player has his mind set on sending Demetres home. The house might rather have Ika out but he wants The Greek to go instead. And if he hypothetically were to get his way and Demetres were to go, the chances of Dillon winning that final four HOH are nearly at 100%. So planning ahead and trying to ensure his safety was the best thing he could do.

Kevin is in a really good place right now in the house and he’s in the best position to now go on and win the season, especially given how much he has been studying for these end of season competitions. Thing is, he may have just thrown it all away. If you would like to know how, scroll on for the live feed spoilers. If not, thanks for reading and I can’t wait to see you on Wednesday night!

POV Competition and Live Feed Spoilers 

At the POV Competition Demetres was finally dethroned as Kevin gained power. This was the first time in the past six evictions that Demetres has not been immune. So Kevin with the veto in his back-pocket was surely going to keep the nominations the same right? Wrong! Amazingly, that it wasn’t happened at all.

So here is what happened. A couple days ago, Kevin suddenly had an epiphany. He realized that nobody was really willing to send Demetres out. Instead, Dillon and Karen were ready to take the swing at Ika and there wasn’t really anything he could do about it. Having Ika in the house would severely increase his chances of winning the final three HOH, final four veto or whatever he needed to, so he wanted to make sure she stayed this week. So what he decided to do was take her off the block. His rational for doing so was that if he put Dillon up instead, Karen would vote to save Dillon, Ika would vote to save Demetres and then he would break the tie and send The Greek home. What he doesn’t realize is that Karen is actually content with sending Dillon home.

Karen, as irrational players are usually like, is totally fine with “getting second place”. She wants Demetres or Ika to win the game. Or at the very least, make sure that Kevin doesn’t. So she wants to keep the strongest players in the house to try and defeat Kevin and as a result if it came down to it, she’d happily (and irrationally) evict her best ally in the house.

Why this is a bad move for Kevin is that now Dillon is likely going home and there might be very little he can do about it. Demetres and Ika are then likely to stay and that leaves him a very vicarious position where all he can do to save himself is win final four veto and come up clutch again as he did in the triple eviction. If he can’t win that final four veto, Ika or Demetres officially just won the game with this move.


We will have to see if it plays out the way that everyone thinks it will right now and wait and see if Dillon truly does get evicted from the house this week. If it does, this is the move that might just have cost Kevin his game and 100,000 dollars or whatever the relatively tame prize money for winning is. How will things shake out on Wednesday night? Find out right here very soon! See you then!

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