Big Brother Canada 5 Week 9 Wednesday POV Recap

The episode started off with Kevin disclosing to us all once again who his target this week really was. He said “If I can get Demetres out this week, I can win the final few competitions and win it all”. What a nice plan that would have been if it was possible, but unfortunately for Kevin, the rest of the house just was not willing to not take the swing at Demetres. After an explosive fight between Ika and Kevin and before a meaningless task involving Trevor Boris, Sarah Hanlon and even Dillon’s mom, there was a POV competition to get to.

POV Competition

At the POV Competition the contestants had to save dummies from dying in water and then solve a puzzle. Ika, with no shot at winning this competition whatsoever decided to help out Demetres to try and take Kevin down. But the poker player still won the POV ahead of The Greek who had just 2 pieces to flip around.

This is the first time in the past six evictions that Demetres has not been immune from the vote. So Kevin with the veto in his back-pocket was surely going to keep the nominations the same right? Wrong! Amazingly, that it wasn’t happened at all.

Ika Goes Off The Block…What Just Happened? 

In place of that weird task that seemed to take up half the episode, we missed out on a lot of the reasons why Ika was taken off the block. So here is what happened. A couple days ago, Kevin suddenly had an epiphany. He realized that nobody was really willing to send Demetres out. Instead, Dillon and Karen were ready to take the swing at Ika and there wasn’t really anything he could do about it. Having Ika in the house would severely increase his chances of winning the final three HOH, final four veto or whatever he needed to, so he wanted to make sure she stayed this week. So what he decided to do was take her off the block. His rational for doing so was that if he put Dillon up instead, Karen would vote to save Dillon, Ika would vote to save Demetres and then he would break the tie and send The Greek home. What he doesn’t realize is that Karen is actually content with sending Dillon home.

Why This Is Such A Bad Move 

On the surface, the move to take Ika off the block to try and ensure that Demetres goes home is a good one but if you look further it actually makes very little sense because of how much risk is involved. If he doesn’t get Demetres or Ika out this week, that is a massive opportunity missed. This could be the move that makes Kevin lose BBCAN5. It is especially bad by the way when Karen told Kevin right to his face before the ceremony, that she would vote Dillon out if he were to go up.

Karen, as irrational players are usually like, is totally fine with “getting second place”. She wants Demetres or Ika to win the game. Or at the very least, she wants to make sure that Kevin doesn’t. So she wants to keep the strongest players in the house to try and defeat Kevin and as a result if it came down to it, she’d happily (and irrationally) evict her best ally in the house.

Why this is a bad move for Kevin is that now Dillon is likely going home and there might be very little he can do about it. Demetres and Ika are then likely to stay and that leaves him a very vicarious position where all he can do to save himself is win final four veto and come up clutch again as he did in the triple eviction. If he can’t win that final four veto, Ika or Demetres officially just won the game with this move.

The worst thing for Kevin is that all he needed to do was reverse it, put Karen on the block and then he surely would have been able to send Demetres home as Dillon never would have voted to evict Karen. Then it would have been a 1-1 tie with him breaking the tie and sending Ika’s eye candy over to the jury.

Demetres at the end of the episode hilariously called Kevin out for being the worst Big Brother mastermind ever. He said ‘Great resume building buddy! You’ve had Ika and I on the block two weeks in a row and all you’ve managed to do is take out Jackie and Dillon! Kevin you are the worst Big Brother mastermind ever!”

Now I love Kevin Martin but he kind of is. Don’t get me wrong, Kevin’s an amazing player but if the contest for best BBCAN mastermind ever is between Neda, Bruno, Mitch, Cass and Kevin, Kevin is certainly last on that list. The poker player has played a pretty solid game and has certainly done more to warrant his place in the final five than last year’s winners the Paqs Bro’s but he’s made some really key errors this season and Demetres is absolutely right. Having Ika and Demetres on the block and not being able to take them out either time is not a great look for Kevin at all. Still though if somehow he can get Karen to vote out Demetres rather than Dillon, this will actually end up being a good move in the end for Kevin and could be enough to win him the game.


The BBCAN Odyssey got absolutely crazy after the triple eviction and so many insane things have been happening that it’s almost hard to keep track of it all. This episode was a lot of fun. I didn’t touch on that very strange task the houseguests were given all that much but it was still fun. Trevor Boris, producer and challenge director (the guy who was leading the rest of what I believe was more crew members) was pretty hilarious when he entered the house and gave us this wonderful line “I’m guessing his last fight was with a buffet and he lost”. Sarah Hanlon made a cameo to pie people in the face and that was decently fun I guess too. However, all the intrigue and magic that has gone on these past few days in getting Dillon on that block should have been given more airtime.

Will Karen evict Dillon? Find out when our Thursday recap drops sometime on Friday! See you then!

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