Big Brother Canada Finale Week Monday Episode Recap

Finale week is finally here as this incredible season of Big Brother Canada comes to a close. Before it finishes for good however, we still have three episodes to get to including this Monday night spectacle. Although the episode itself was a bit slow and uninteresting, all that is happening in the game right now is actually really intriguing. There is just so much at stake and in just four days the winner of this season will be crowned. Let’s get right into the third-last episode recap of Big Brother Canada 5.

Fallout From Dillon’s Eviction

Putting Dillon the block was meant to send Demetres home, but instead Karen, playing incredibly irrationally sent “Big Country” home instead. By the way, when did Dillon give himself the nickname “Big Country”? Because this only seemed to come up on the show last week. So after Dillon was sent home by Karen and Ika, Kevin recognized that Karen is only playing this game out of vengeance for him. Demetres on the other hand was living for it, calling Karen his “secret power of veto” and his “fairy godmother”.

Thing is, I actually don’t mind Karen playing for second place since she absolutely cannot win. I do have a problem however with how nasty she has been to Kevin over the course of this season for no reason. It was later revealed that the main reason she hates him so much is because he lied to her in the very first week of the game about eliminating Mark when he actually wanted to eliminate Demetres. That was over two months ago but Karen still hates him for some reason. She also disclosed to the cameras this episode what we already knew, saying that she was now playing for Demetres or Ika to win the game and playing for second if not third! Her one goal in this game is still to get Kevin out of the house but there is no way that is going to happen with the way the poker player has been studying for these competitions.

HOH Competition

At the HOH Competition, the three eligible contestants had to recall certain events in the house like who was evicted on what day or how many votes someone had when they were voted out. With Kevin unable to participate, this was always going to be Demetres’ competition to win and in the end, The Greek won his fifth HOH of the season. This latest HOH win, broke the North American record for most HOH wins in North American Big Brother. He was also on par to tie Janelle’s record of most competition wins in a single-season (9) which she set back in Big Brother 7.

Demetres’ win also ensured that Karen and Kevin would be the two nominees this week as the only other person eligible for the block would be Ika. But despite Ika staying off the block, The Greek winning power basically ensures that his best ally in Ika goes out this week. And although this isn’t what he wants at all, it is actually great for his game. Demetres would have taken Ika to the final two and would have lost. Now, he doesn’t have that predicament and can go to the final three with at least a small chance of winning the final competition and making it to the final two, where he would win the game.

Ika was actually extraordinarily frustrated with the fact that Demetres wouldn’t just let her win, which is a bit ridiculous. It has annoyed me at times that Ika has been willing to fall on her sword for Demetres. Then she gets mad at him that he is smartly not willing to do the same. She called her relationship with The Greek one-sided, as if it was a bad thing that Demetres wanted to win the game he had been playing for the past two months, unlike her who wants to throw away her game for him.

Kevin meanwhile was also agitated with Demetres’ win but he had to remember that there was still a POV competition to get to in which he would have a great chance of winning. He and Demetres actually get along pretty well and they both agreed that it was going to be the two of them fighting to win this season, which is exactly where this season is at.

Big Brother Canada Awards

The only other thing to happen in this episode other than the competition and the two second HOH ceremony, was the Big Brother Canada awards. Nikki Grahame hosted them this season (she looked great by the way) but unfortunately the awards themselves were actually very lame. She did like a mini interview with each of the houseguests, asking some very basic questions, before the actual awards actually began. If only the awards weren’t so lame it might have actually been interesting! Kevin had some amazing reactions but that was about it. They didn’t even think to have something like a best competition, best blindside, best backdoor, best strategist, etc., it was just very lame, but what can you do? So that wasn’t very entertaining and because it took up half the episode we missed out on finding out what happened in that crucial POV competition that would decide the fate of this game. So if you want to know now what happened, and as a result, who will probably win this season, scroll below!

POV Competition Spoilers 

“If I don’t win this veto it’s congratulations on fourth place Kevin” – Kevin Martin

Well luckily for Kevin, HE WON! We kind of hinted at it throughout everything else as it’s basically impossible to talk about anything this week without discussing how Kevin won the veto, rendering Demetres quest to get him out absolutely pointless. But this was still so massive for Kevin. This means that Ika will surely go home this week with the poker player having the sole vote to evict and Demetres being immune. It’s not his ideal scenario as he’d rather go to the final three with Ika and Karen, but it’s the next best thing.

Now because of how much the man from Calgary has been studying, winning this veto is probably the thing that wins Kevin Martin Big Brother Canada 5. Even if Demetres studied non-stop from now until that final competition, Kevin would still have enough to pull it out.

Before going into the house, Kevin made sure to study every single competition from every single past season, paying special attention to the final competition from past seasons, which has been eerily similar throughout all four. This means he knows exactly the types of questions that they are bound to ask and has a very high shot of winning that final competition. We are looking at the very real scenario that Kevin, after a roller coaster of a season and a game that at times was all over the place, will be the winner of Big Brother Canada 5.

Although I say his game was messy, the fact that he has won so many competitions when he has needed to most, particularly the past two vetoes, ensures that he is a very good winner of this game. His social game has also been more than good enough and he’s always made sure to position himself well, even if putting Dillon on the block last week was such a boneheaded error. Kevin definitely will go down as a great winner of this game, should he pull it out and for my money would only be second to Jon Pardy in terms of the BBCAN winners. (Sarah Hanlon is still dead last).


So will Kevin make it happen and win Big Brother Canada 5? Or will Demetres come out with a surprise final competition win and take the game and $100,000 prize instead. Find out who gets evicted Wednesday night before finding out who wins the season in the two hour finale on Thurday. See you then and thanks for reading!

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