Big Brother Canada 5 Finale Week Wednesday POV Episode Recap

Big Brother Canada 5 is coming to a close and after the POV win of a certain houseguest, that contestant now looks destined to go on and win this season. Let’s get right into our latest episode recap of Big Brother Canada 5 and the second last one of the season.

POV Competition

“If I don’t win this veto it’s congratulations on fourth place Kevin” – Kevin Martin

Well luckily for Kevin, HE WON! This was just so massive for Kevin. With his neck on the line, desperately needing the veto to stay alive and destined to go home without it around his neck, the man from Calgary pulled it off, for the third time in three weeks.

The competition itself was really interesting. Contestants had to “Transition from two different worlds”, finding clues on the top level and trying to match them with the answers on the bottom level. For the past month or so, Kevin has just been studying non-stop (and he’s still going, making sure he wins that final three HOH). So he was never going to lose. Kevin even said “I have no friends in this house so all I do is study, study, study”. Demetres claimed he had been studying everyday too, but that for one isn’t true and for another, it’s a whole lot harder to study when you’ve got someone like Ika constantly in your ear. So Kevin won and with only Karen and Ika up for grabs for elimination, the poker player was always going to evict Ika.

Evicting Ika instead of Karen was absolutely the right move. If he had sent Karen out the door he would have been putting someone on the jury that will have a lot of negative things to say about him and will never vote for him to win the game. On top of that the poker player would have come across to the jury as being completely irrational as he would have just evicted his only end-game goat and he’d be going to the end of the game with a showmance. So his blunder last week turned out not to be detrimental after all and now he could be on his way to winning this season.

Why Kevin Will Win Big Brother Canada 5

Because of how much the man from Calgary has been studying, winning this veto is probably the thing that wins Kevin Martin Big Brother Canada 5. Even if Demetres studied non-stop from now until that final competition, Kevin would still have enough to pull it out.

Before going into the house, Kevin made sure to study every single competition from every single past season, paying special attention to the final competition from past seasons, which has been eerily similar throughout all four. This means he knows exactly the types of questions that they are bound to ask and has a very high shot of winning that final competition. We are looking at the very real scenario that Kevin, after a roller coaster of a season and a game that at times was all over the place, will be the winner of Big Brother Canada 5.

Although I say his game was messy, the fact that he has won so many competitions when he has needed to most, particularly the past three vetoes, ensures that he is a very good winner of this game. His social game has also been more than good enough and he’s always made sure to position himself well, even if putting Dillon on the block last week was such a boneheaded error. Kevin definitely will go down as a great winner of this game, should he pull it out and for my money would only be second to Jon Pardy in terms of the BBCAN winners. (Sarah Hanlon is still dead last).

Eulogizing Ika 

When you look back on Big Brother Canada 5, one player will always stand out above all else and that is the amazing Ika Wong. This season will be remembered as Ika’s season. She is the face of everything that has gone on and was the driving force behind several of the biggest power moves.

Ika came into this game with a reputation as being a great entertainer, but someone who probably wasn’t all that great at this game. But she has completely turned that notion around and can now be thought of as possibly one of the greatest Big Brother Canada players of all time. Kevin even said so himself this episode, using it as the main reason why he had to evict her in his veto speech. The BBCAN2 contestant even came so desperately close to winning this season as if Kevin hadn’t won the power of veto here at the final four, Demetres evicts the poker player and Ika is the winner of Big Brother Canada 5. For that matter, if Kevin hadn’t won the veto in the triple eviction two weeks ago as well, Ika probably still wins this season because of her ability to pull in Dillon and Karen at that stage in the game. Her main problem was that she couldn’t win a competition, but she didn’t need to because she had Demetres for that! And although her shield in Demetres, has been more or less using her as a shield instead, it was her who formed the positive relationships that has propelled them forward throughout the past two months and gotten the two of them this far.

Overall Ika has played a stunning game this season and was responsible for the evictions of every player in the jury phase of the game except for Dillon, which is just an amazing accomplishment in itself. She recognized early on how valuable players like Dre, William and Karen were going to be this season and completely flipped the house when she wasn’t getting her way as part of “the six”. Ika has played amazingly well this season, came so desperately close to winning and will forever be remembered as the face of Big Brother Canada 5.

Jury Segment

The jury was shocked with Dillon’s elimination. Bruno fully understood where Kevin was coming from in taking Ika off of the block but Neda said it was the complete wrong move…which it was.

But then there was a jury twist. This season each contestant was given a chance to speak to each jury members before finale night. Nothing really stood out from the segment. The jury gave a little bit more credit to Karen then she deserved and a little less credit to Kevin than he deserved, but we can’t really take that as any kind of meaningful interaction or something to say that Karen will beat Kevin, because she won’t. The other main thing that is really sticking in my mind from this segment is Karen saying that she was controlling Ika and Demetres and could have had him out at eight and her out at five. She couldn’t have had Ika out at five because Kevin used the veto to save her and she couldn’t have had Demetres out at eight because he won the veto and took himself off the block! Karen is just crazy sometimes with the things that she says and I hope she honestly doesn’t think she was carrying Demetres and Ika through the game because she had less social capital than Marsha the Moose!

So the jury segment came to a close without really anything else worth noting but Ika did have some nice words to say on her way out the door including “Kevin I respect you, I swear I do!” and “I will vote for the person that deserves to win this game, I swear I will”. So in other words, anyone who was hoping Karen would win this season by route of Ika and Demetres voting for her, was horribly misinformed.

What Is To Come

These are not spoilers, this is just a full disclosure on what is practically certain to happen as the season comes to a close tomorrow night.

  • Due to his non-stop studying and competition prowess, Kevin will win the final HOH of the season and evict Demetres, taking Karen to the final two.
  • Kevin will rock his jury speeches as Karen fumbles and focuses too much on the poker player’s game rather than her own.
  • The Calgary native will win Big Brother Canada 5
  • He will win by a vote of 8-1. Dillon will be the only person that votes for Karen.
  • Kevin will become the second greatest winner of this game, behind Jon Pardy and ahead of Jillian, the Paqs Bro’s and Sarah Hanlon.


I wasn’t incredibly high on this season at the beginning, but it got so much better with the eviction of Neda and since that triple eviction has just been absolutely on fire. I have loved this season and to be honest, I do not want it to end. Most importantly, unlike last season, it is ending in such fantastic fashion with a very deserving winner who had to fight and claw his way to the top after being on the bottom for so long. Kevin Martin Mike Holloway’d his way to the end of this game and will be a very impressive winner of Big Brother Canada 5 should he pull it off tomorrow night. See you then for more on how Kevin pulled it off! Thanks for reading 🙂

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