WINNERS REVEALED: The Mastermind Awards 2017

It’s been a long time coming and now the wait is finally over. You voted for the winners of eleven different award categories and now it is time to reveal who received the most votes in every category. These are your 2017 Mastermind Award winners. Enjoy!


Nominees: Jurgen Klopp, Jamie Vardy, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann


Receiving 32% of the votes, Antoine Griezmann is this year’s Football Personality of the Year. It would be very hard to dislike the Atletico Madrid forward. He’s always joking around, always has a smile on his face and plays with so much heart and passion on the pitch. A fan of the NBA, the Atletico Madrid striker is always joking on social media about he’s going to be the next big thing in basketball. In fact, Griezmann seems to post to social media as much about the NBA (and horses?) as he does about his own life as one of the world’s top footballers. The French superstar is also a great dancer and even has a signature move that has featured in commercials and music videos. Griezmann just always seems to have a smile on his face and his unique hairstyle and positive energy on the pitch help to make him one of the most admired footballers around.

Runners Up: Zlatan Ibrahimovic (21%), Jamie Vardy (17%)


Nominees: Sarah Lacina, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Ika Wong, Dino Angelo Luciano, Scott Flannery & Brooke Camhi, Luke Toki


For Big Brother fans, when you think of Reality TV this year, you can’t help but think of  Ika Wong. The Big Brother Canada star was the face of season five and the driving force behind vote after vote and every major power move up until her eviction. Ika always had the reputation as being a hilariously entertaining character, but who would have thought she’d turn out to be such a capable player as well. Sure it’s debatable as to whether or not she would have won the game against anyone else, but she led the season the entire way through, so much so that Demetres was seen by the jury as her lap dog despite their relationship being pretty much equal. Ika is the type of character that will scream in someone’s face and still get every single fan on her side. That takes some mad skill.  Usually players like that are the most unlikable on a reality show. But Ika, Ika is something else. With 35% of the vote, Ika is the crowned winner of Reality TV Personality of the Year for 2017.

Runners Up: Sandra Diaz-Twine (34%), Luke Toki (11%)


Nominees: Amazing Race 29, Big Brother Canada 5, Survivor Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, MasterChef 8, Australian Survivor 4


Survivor Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers comes out as the surprise winners for Best Reality TV Season for 2017. Survivor has certainly seen better days but the show’s thirty-fifth installment was still highly entertaining and had an abundance of exciting moments. With nearly 48% of the votes, reality tv fans loved the season more than any other and continued the trend of Survivor seasons winning this award after Kaoh Rong took the honour in 2016.

Runners Up: Big Brother Canada 5 (27%), Australian Survivor 4 (14%)


Nominees: Mario Mandzukic, Olivier Giroud, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Kevin-Prince Boateng


Another surprise winner, Henrikh Mkhitaryan overtook Olivier Giroud to win the award for Best Goal, receiving one single vote more. Although Mkhitaryan’s scorpion kick hasn’t garnered as much attention as Olivier Giroud’s, it was arguably equally superb, and Mkhitaryan was the man who did it first. Just like Sanchez’s cross for Giroud, Ibrahimovic’s ball into the box arrived behind Mkhitaryan. But that didn’t stop the Armenian, who came up with an inventive finish and smashed the ball into the back of the net. Giroud’s goal might have been from further out, but Mkhitaryan’s took a lot more skill as Ibrahimovic’s cross was whipped in with so much pace and the Armenian had to wait until the exact moment to flick his foot. With 27% of the vote, Henrikh Mkhitaryan is this year’s winner for Best Goal. 

Runners Up: Olivier Giroud (26%), Mario Mandzukic (25%), K-P Boateng (23%)


Nominees: Back to Back Vietnam Legs (Amazing Race 29); Reinventing How This Game Is Played (Survivor Game Changers); Triple Eviction (Big Brother Canada 5).


Not just the best episode of Big Brother Canada this year, but also one of the best the show has ever witnessed. Any multi-eviction night in Big Brother is always going to be entertaining but this one was just on another level and had drama in every form that it comes. Going into the triple eviction, practically every fan of the show across North America was worried about the three power players in the house: Ika, Demetres and Kevin all going out during the episode. But shockingly, all three stayed, creating a massive amount of drama and excitement and an incredible outcome that nobody saw coming – including Kevin righting his wrongs of the past and winning the veto to save himself. With 43% of the votes, BBCAN5’s Triple Eviction episode is the winner for Best Reality TV Episode of 2017.

Runners Up: Reinventing How This Game Is Played (36%), TAR29 Vietnam Legs (21%)


Nominees: Neda Kalantar, Alan Ball, Malcom Freberg, Paul Losing BB19


Fans of the show were shocked when Paul Abrahamian lost Big Brother 19 after dominating every single aspect of the season all summer long. But after his behaviour in the house, many were happy with the outcome and perhaps that is one reason why Paul’s massive loss (albeit only by one single vote) goes down as this year’s Best Blindside; especially since it was something hardly anyone saw coming. With 37% of the vote, Paul’s shocking loss beat out the blindsides of Neda Kalantar in BBCAN5 and Malcom Freberg in Survivor Game Changers to claim the award.

Runners Up: Neda Kalantar (29%), Malcom Freberg (25%)


Nominees: Nemanja Matic, Mohamed Salah, Romelu Lukaku, Richarlison, Neymar


Mohamed Salah has been incredible form since joining Liverpool FC and has stunned Premier League fans around the world with just how good he’s been. The Egyptian’s form for Roma last year was stunning but for the wing wizard to be this clinical in front of goal in the biggest league in the world has been absolutely outstanding. The 25-year old sits second from top of the scoring charts right now with 17 goals and 5 assists in 21 Premier League matches, a massive feat for someone who scored only 15 times in Serie A last year. He’s already scored more goals than any other Liverpool player managed in each of the last five seasons and has been superb in the UEFA Champions League as well with 4 goals in 5 matches. Mohamed Salah has been amazing for Liverpool so far, could be on his way to a Golden Boot and is certainly one of the signings of the summer. With 32% of the vote, Mohamed Salah claims the award for Best Signing of 2017.

Runners Up: Neymar -> PSG (27%), Nemanja Matic -> Manchester United (18%)


Nominees: Italy fail to qualify for World Cup 2018; Paul loses Big Brother 19; Juventus lose UCL Final 4-1; Ika and Demetres out before final two in BBCAN5.


Italy crashing out of World Cup Qualifying at the hands of Sweden was devastating, but for anyone watching any reality show this year, Paul losing Big Brother, by a single vote for the second year in a row was the biggest upset of all. No one expected Paul to lose, even going into the finale, but somehow, Josh Martinez pulled out a miracle and was handed the $500,000 prize by the jury. With 56% of the vote, no nominee this year in any other category won as handedly and comfortably as Paul losing Big Brother 19 for Biggest Upset of 2017.

Runners Up: Italy missing out on World Cup 2018 (21%),
Ika and Demetres Crashing Out (21%)


Nominees: Chelsea (Premier League), Real Madrid (Champions League), Scott & Brooke (TAR29), Sarah Lacina (Survivor Game Changers), Kevin Martin (BBCAN5)


Sarah Lacina was absolutely stellar in Survivor Game Changers. She came into the season as someone no one would have even thought to be a good player, but completely surpassed expectations with her fantastic social and strategic play. The way she maneuvered through the game, swinging back and forth yet still maintaining positive relationships with everyone in the game was incredible and few players have accomplished such an impressive feat. Sarah’s not the best winner of Survivor we’ve ever seen, but she is a very good one and perfectly maneuvered her season to take home the one million dollar prize. With 40% of the votes, Sarah Lacina is your Best Winner of 2017.

Runners Up: Scott & Brooke – Amazing Race 29 (19%), Chelsea – Premier League (19%)


Nominees: Paul Pogba, Ika Wong, Henry Nicholson, Antoine Griezmann, Ozzy Lusth, Arisa Cox


For all the mistakes Ozzy has made in his Survivor career over the years, one thing he has always got absolutely spot on is his hair and that was no different in 2017. In one single season of Survivor, the legendary Ozzy Lusth probably wore his hair fifteen different ways. From down and wavy to in a bun, to the look that garnered the most attention when he had it in two long raids, the Californian’s hair was one of the most interesting things to look out for on Survivor Game Changers this year. Receiving 30% of the votes, Ozzy Lusth is you winner for Best Hairstyle of 2017.

Runners Up: Arisa Cox (23%), Henry Nicholson (18%)


Nominees: 3 Ways Troyzan Can Use His Hidden Immunity Idol; OFFICIAL: TOP 100 FOOTBALLERS 2016-17; Paulo Dybala: Juventus’ Crowned Jewel; Why Jeff Varner Outing Zeke Smith as Transgender Was A Really Big Deal; Why MasterChef Is Fake


One of the biggest moments of Reality TV this year, every single site that covers Survivor was writing about when Jeff Varner outed Zeke Smith as transgender on national television. It was huge for everyone involved and so beyond anything to do with the game. Like most, The Mastermind wrote about why Jeff Varner was in the wrong (and that’s an understatement), and supported Zeke as he tried to create a positive narrative around the moment. The article also gave a breakdown of the events, including the reactions of all of Zeke and Jeff’s tribe-mates, the reactions of the fan community after the episode and what can be done to support the LGBTQ+ community. It was a moment that the Survivor community probably wants to forget, but one that shouldn’t be pushed too far aside quite yet. Although it was the least viewed of the nominees, Survivor fans banded together to give this article the award, beating out other articles that have received thousands upon thousands more views.

Read it here -> Why Jeff Varner Outing Zeke Smith as Transgender on Survivor Game Changers Was A Really Big Deal

Runners Up: Why MasterChef Is Fake (25%), Three Ways Troyzan Can Use His Hidden Immunity Idol (24%).


It has been another successful year on The Mastermind and as always, the camaraderie of this loyal fan-base is what keeps The Mastermind going. Thanks again and see you very soon for more in the world of both reality TV and football.





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