Is Paul Abrahamian The Best Player to Never Win Big Brother?

Few contestants in the history of Big Brother worldwide have made as much of a mark on two separate seasons than Paul Abrahamian. After sneaking and skating by in Big Brother 18 and only narrowly losing to Nicole Franzel by a vote of 5-4, Paul became the most in demand personnel Big Brother had produced in years. The man who preached “Friendship” was the biggest commodity the show has had since the likes of Dan Gheesling and Will Kirby, and was guaranteed a place on the very next all star season that CBS was prepared to produced. But CBS and Big Brother could not wait more than a year before throwing him back in the house and Paul went on to dominate another season – the forever infamous Big Brother 19. With the mark he made not just in that second season where he dominated like no one else has ever before, but also the fan-favourite-esque arc he had in Big Brother 18 when he was full of big moves and competition wins, Paul’s performance in his two seasons will make a massive impact on future Big Brother.

Is Paul The Greatest Player to Never Win? 

In Big Brother 18, Paul quickly put himself at the forefront of an alliance against the veterans, making himself an instant target. But realizing his early alliance mates in Jozea and Victor were going down on a sinking ship to the majority alliance, he jumped ship and crawled his way out. Paul crawled his way from bottom to top and went from someone nobody trusted to someone everyone trusted within weeks in Big Brother 18, emerging as one of the season’s surprise performers. Once he got into power, he played everything perfectly, hiding behind the massive target that was Paulie Calafiore and then jumping ship again when Paulie’s game started to go downhill. Even more, he picked up Victor and put him in his back-pocket, securing a loyal ally in helping him bounce back and forth between the two couples in the house. When the game finally got down to its final stage he recognized that his best path to the end was with Nicole and Corey and won several final competitions to secure his spot in the final two. Nicole was a good, stable winner of Big Brother 18, but Paul would have made for an even better winner and if one single vote had gone differently, he would have won the game.

On his second attempt at the $500,000 prize, Paul was thrown into the house following the first eviction of the season. Instantly, he became everyone’s best friend. Every single person in the house, whether you like it or not, hung on Paul’s every word. No one was ever willing to go against them because he played every single person in the house masterfully. Even the people that knew what he was up to and knew he couldn’t be trusted like Christmas and Elena, knew they couldn’t do anything about it and couldn’t help but be strung along until Paul no longer needed them. Some were afraid of Paul, and others were blinded by his brilliant manipulation. Either way, he had everyone wrapped around his finger and that is an undeniable fact. The way Paul cut many of his allies was ruthless and the way he managed the jury was poor, but Paul played one of the most dominant games Big Brother has ever seen in BB19. He was in power from the moment he stepped inside the house and remained in power the entire way through. He played so well that he didn’t even need to win the final competition as both Josh and Christmas would have taken him to the end. Unfortunately, the jury was out to spite Paul regardless of who he was sitting next to and he ended up losing to a man who was even worse at making friends with people inside the house, Josh Martinez, again by a vote of 5-4.

Only the man who is well-regarded as the best Big Brother player of all time, Dan Gheesing, and Paul himself have made it TWO Big Brother finales. On top of that, in both BB18 and 19, Paul could have won if just a single jury member had voted differently. Whether you like Paul or not, that is one of the greatest achievements Big Brother has ever seen.  So is Paul the greatest player to never win? That honour might belong to someone like Danielle Reyes, Vanessa Rousso or Eric Stein. But Paul is certainly in the conversation and if he ever comes back and dominates again, there is no reason to think anything else than that he is the greatest to never win Big Brother.

Paul’s mark on future Big Brother will be immense. It’s already seen in the ongoing season of Big Brother Canada as contestants are constantly calling out his name and saying things like “We can’t let our season be a Paul season.” Contestants do not want their season to be so utterly dominated by one single player like Paul achieved in Big Brother 19 and for that reason future Big Brother game-play may be set to change forever. Whether you like him or not, Paul Abrahamian is one of the greatest players to ever play and has certainly left his mark on the show – past, present and future.


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