Why and How The Producers Ruined Big Brother Canada 6

Big Brother Canada 6 was only brought back to Global TV because of a petition signed by thousands of fans to bring the show back. The likes of Arisa Cox keep on saying “This one is for the fans!” But it’s not. It’s for the producers to make entertaining TV and screw over the players who are playing the best in the house like they almost always manage to do.  The best seasons of Big Brother Canada have always been those that have had either a limited number of twists – such as BBCAN5 or a limited number of twists that impacted the game such as BBCAN2. Big Brother Canada 3 famously went horribly south after several twists stifled the game-play of the likes of Kevin Martin and Bruno Ielo.

Big Brother Canada 6 was on course to be one of the best, if not the best season so far but now there’s no way the game will be the same and that is thanks to the producers implementing this twist.


This week fans were given the opportunity for fans to save one of the two nominees up for eviction – Ryan or Will. As most of the fans of the show love twists (or think they love twists), the fact that they could also choose to keep the nominations the same was always going to be rendered pointless. But with Kaela in power, taking one of the nominations off the block was always going to force a bigger target such as Erica or Johnny to go up on the block – two people Canada probably likes even more than Ryan and Will. In fact, Erica was probably the biggest fan favourite out of everyone this season. But fans didn’t have the foresight to see that one of their favourites was going to go up if they took one of the nominations down and as a result, they (and the producers) inadvertently put Erica up on that block for eviction.


The implementation of the twist was bad enough on its own. BBCAN6 had been on fire ever since the start of the season and was shaping up to be one of the best ever. Unfortunately, like BBCAN3, the game-play for the rest of this game could really be stifled because of this shift in power that will likely occur as a result of Erica going home.

But with the use of their editing skills, the producers had the chance to save Erica. They could have easily portrayed Erica to be in danger and be at the forefront of Kaela’s mind for a backdoor. They could have easily said to the audience “Hey, don’t use this twist, because Erica will go up on the block.” (without actually directly saying it). But they chose not to. They chose to give Ryan as much airtime as possible and as much of a sympathetic edit as possible so that the fans would be fooled into taking him off the block. The Big Brother Canada 6 producers got exactly what they wanted and Ryan was pulled down.

Quite often, twists are exciting in the moment and then the rest of the future game-play suffers as a consequence. But this twist was not even exciting in the moment as everyone who watches the Live Feeds or is actually a true fan of the show, knew that Erica was going to go up on the block the entire night, especially when Arisa said at the very start of the episode “You have chosen to save one of our nominees Canada”. The casual fans, who vastly outnumber the voting capacity of the fans watching live feeds, do not know the ins and outs of everything going on in the house. They only know what the producers choose to sell to them and so the producers should have and could have played this off in a much different way if they wanted a different result.

Is There A Point In Continuing To Watch? 

It’s always a shame when twists take out the players who are playing best in the house. Bruno Ielo suffered a shock eviction at the hands of a secret coup d’état in BBCAN3; and perhaps most famously of all Mitch Moffit, the man who had everyone wrapped around his finger the very next season, was sent home thanks to another contestant being allowed re-entry into the house. Twists are almost always going to go against those that are playing the best, unless they already happen to be in power that week. Thankfully, Johnny Mulder, who is undeniably playing head and shoulders above everyone else in the house, had won the power veto and was therefore safe from eviction. But Erica had no power at all and after winning far too many competitions for her own good was always going to be Kaela’s backdoor option. This was even despite the good work she had done to quietly fade back under the radar this week and steer clear of the block all week long. To nothing of her own doing, she was sent out the door and that is hard pill to swallow.

With one of the biggest characters and players now evicted, is there a point in continuing to watch? Yes. The gameplay will still be exciting, and their are still many fun characters like Olivia, Paras, Ryan and Johnny. But the show simply will not be as exciting as it once was because now everything is relatively predictable. If Johnny or Ryan win power, they will target Kaela and Derrick. If Derrick and Kaela win power, they will target Johnny, Will and Ryan. Those two sides will go after each other until none of them are left. Ryan will likely sneak by to the final five with Alejandra, Olivia, Maddy and Paras. From there, Olivia or Paras will likely win the game unless Ryan goes on a Kevin Martin styled competition winning streak.

Big Brother Canada should not be that predictable. I should be saying “I have no idea what’s going to happen next!” But thanks to this twist, I fear the rest of this season will be boring, uneventful, uninteresting and practically ruined thanks to an unneccessary twist.

The Big Brother Canada 6 producers got exactly what they wanted and although they preach that this season is all for the fans, the fans came away tonight with their worst case scenario without even realizing what they had done until it was all over.


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