Top 15 Big Brother Canada Players First Six Seasons

In just six seasons, we have seen several standout Big Brother Canada players to help make for one fantastic television program. Some of the faces and names below would even match some of the all-time greats of the Big Brother US game. Not every player to step inside that house has been bright but the fifteen + two below are the best of the best and have helped to make Big Brother Canada the great show that it is. Make sure to check out the updated – Top 20 Best Big Brother Canada Players of All Time.

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Honourable Mentions: Mitch Moffit, Derek Kesseler

Mitch Moffit dominated the first half of season four and had everything set up in his favour but a terrible twist took him out of the game far too early for anyone to clearly judge how good of a player he truly was. Derek Kesseler meanwhile came into the game having no knowledge whatsoever on the game and perhaps that makes it even more impressive that he made it to the final three while playing an exceptional social game and remaining in good with all members of the jury.

15. Bruno Ielo – Season 3 (7th), Season 5 (9th)

An under-the-radar strategist in Season 3, Bruno Ielo set himself up perfectly to do well until a massive twist took him out of the game without warning. He was the one that formed the early chop-shop majority alliance, without anyone ever perceiving him to have anywhere near as much control as he had. He was also the one that silently ran the early stages of the game, no matter how much the edit might try and deny it. When he came back for Season 5, Bruno again got himself into the majority alliance and was again set up to do really well until his own alliance partner made one of the worst errors the show has ever seen. One of the most low-key strategists in Big Brother history, Bruno certainly has the ability to do well in any season and was only taken out in Season 5 due to a terrible mistake by Sindy Nguyen.

14. Sarah Hanlon – Season 3 (Winner) 

Socially, Sarah Hanlon was one of the best to play, but strategically, she was a bit of a mess. On top of accidentally evicting her best friend, she made the wrong strategic move at nearly every turn. She voted to evict Britnee instead of Naeha early on, she (and the rest of the house) evicted Bruno and left Ashleigh, Zach and Pilar all in the game at the final six, and famously, she evicted a crucial number for her game in Willow at the triple eviction. If it had not been for several twists, including Ashleigh’s nominations being completely voided by the ridiculous “Have-Not Super-Power”, Sarah would have been evicted well before finale night. On the upside for Sarah, she stealthily played pretty under the radar, played up to Canada to get all those twists to come her way and managed to minimize her threat level throughout, so much that Godfrey completely misjudged who he could beat in the end and took her instead of Ashleigh.

13. Jillian MacLaughlin – Season 1 (Winner) 

Jillian MacLauglin although an amazing TV personality, has a lot of people to thank for winning Big Brother Canada 1, most notably Emmett Blois for being her rock and helping her get there, but also Topaz for accidentally voting for her to win the game when she meant to vote for Gary. Despite that, Jillian was in power for the entirety of Big Brother Canada’s first season; something very few others can say they have achieved.  She also managed to avoid being on the block the entire season; again something very few others can say they have achieved. That in itself is perhaps her most impressive accomplishment but what people often fail to recognize is that although she was certainly the beta in her relationship with Emmett, she still had to make the necessary social bonds to keep herself safe and avoid being put on the block. Jillian MacLaughlin is an underrated winner of this game, although had Topaz not messed up, she would not be a winner of this game.

12. Kaela Grant – Season 6 (2nd)

Although the jury was unlikely to vote for her in almost any circumstance, Kaela played an exceptional game and was responsible for putting every single person on the jury (minus maybe Ali). She’s probably too stone-cold and cutthroat for her own good and made a mess of certain aspects of her jury management, including her goodbye message to Ryan. But on the other side of the argument, that’s the name of the game and Kaela played it better than anyone else. She and her ‘showmance’ Derek Kesseler, managed to avoid the block for far longer than they probably should have given their threat level which was in large part down to the social relationships both of them made. Then in the second half, they won nearly every competition to continue to stay safe. She even would have cut Derek if she had felt it was going to be beneficial to her game which really shows just how cutthroat she was. Ultimately, her back was up against the wall for almost the entire second-half of the season and the fact that she managed to stay safe and evade eviction instead of Ali at the final seven and then beyond is a true testament to her game.

11. Demetres Giannitsos – Season 5 (3rd) 

Demetres might soon be out-shadowed by his partner in crime Ika Wong and the winner of his season Kevin Martin, but fans who followed BBCAN5 closely will remember Demetres as an equal part of everything going on between him and Ika. With all his competition wins and general likability, Demetres kept Ika safe far more than the other way around and Ika would not have been able to accomplish the great feats she managed without him. Every bridge that Ika burned down, Demetres worked hard to try and build back up and there was not a single person in that house that had any reason to despise him or his game. His jury management was better than anyone else and had he made it to the end, it is very possible that he would have been able to beat anyone, even Ika herself.

10. Johnny Mulder – Season 6 (6th)

So, Johnny Mulder ran the show in Big Brother Canada 6. This may come as a surprise to those that were watching the edited version of reality that the TV show was producing three times a week. But it’s true, Johnny, not Ali or Paras was the true mastermind of BBCAN6. After winning the first HOH, Johnny quickly went back under the radar and like Paras, managed to secure relationships with nearly everyone in the house and more importantly both “rooms” of people. But what Johnny managed to do more than Paras was actually have influence each week over who was going home without anyone ever noticing it. Paras thought she was doing this, but the amount of poll she actually had in the eliminations of people like Jesse, Merron, etc., was minimal. After getting his way several weeks in a row, other players finally started to recognize his threat level and just when he was about to be in danger he won the POV and then later HOH the second time he was in danger of going home. But Johnny’s most impressive act in the game and for that matter one of the show’s most impressive was when he turned around what should have been a unanimous vote to evict him into being a unanimous vote to keep him. To make that even more impressive, Paras and Ali both thought they were the mastermind in keeping him safe because of the work he put in. To make that even more impressive again, in the final days before the vote when he finally locked up all the votes to stay safe he had the HOH in Derek running around to try and rally people to save him when the work had actually already been done. With this move alone Johnny deserves to be in this top fifteen but his game was so much more impressive than just that from start to finish.

9. Cassandra Shahinfar – Season 4 (4th), Season 5 (14th)

Cassandra dominated BBCAN4 with her silky smooth play, hilarious diary room confessionals and awesome strategic maneuvering. She formed amazing bonds with nearly everyone in the house and even the people that she was backstabbing were once her loyal allies. After surviving the block in Christine’s eviction, Cassandra took her game to another level and created a solid alliance with two other powerhouses in the game, Tim and Joel, allowing her to stay safe and navigate rocky roads until the final four. The Persian Princess was also single-handedly responsible for the eliminations of Nikki, Jared and perhaps most crucially, her own alliance-mate Joel Lefevre when she was sitting next to him on the block. Had she or her allies just won one single competition at the end of the game, Cassandra would have been crowned a winner of this game. Unfortunately for her, she is not a winner of this game and her reputation as a manipulative strategist resulted in her overplaying her hand and instantly being targeted when she came back for a second shot. Still though her amazing play in BBCAN4 earns herself a spot on any list of best Big Brother Canada players and some still regard her as the very best of all.

8. Tim Dormer – Season 4 (3rd)

Almost Will Kirby-esque at times, Tim Dormer completely played the other houseguests in BBCAN4 for fools. Tim was amazing at playing up his weaknesses and making everyone think he was less of a threat than he really was. He even pretended to have never seen Big Brother Canada and people actually believed him. Even despite being an international player he easily would have won had he made it to the finals against Kelsey or Nick & Phil Paquette. Pretending as though he didn’t care and didn’t know how the game worked was the perfect strategy for the man who had previously won BBAustralia back in 2013 and allowed him to fly under the radar the entire time. Even more crucially was his fantastic ability to build social bonds, use Cassandra’s strengths to his benefit and never really be on the bad side of anyone. The fact that he managed to finish third after coming into the game as a former winner and playing on people’s emotions the entire time is still one of the greatest accomplishments Big Brother Canada has ever witnessed.

7. Ika Wong – Season 2 (12th), Season 5 (4th)

The dominating force of BBCAN5, Ika Wong made it one hell of a season from both a television and game perspective. Ika was easily able to persuade anyone to do what she wanted and took the game by the scruff of the neck when she flipped on her original six-person alliance. This flip was key in setting up the rest of the game and was absolutely the best move for her as she managed to recognize that out of the six, she and Demetres were on the bottom. After gaining control, she stayed in control and somehow managed to avoid being evicted at the final five instead of Dillon. Her ability to persuade Sindy to take out Neda was also immensely impressive and despite betraying several people, all of her BBCAN5 houseguests were still desperate to work with her given her status and rank in the house. Had she made it to the final two it is unclear if she would have taken home the prize or not. Either way, Ika Wong made BBCAN5 the fantastic show that it was and played one of the most dominant games the show has seen.

6. Paras Atashnak – Season 6 (Winner) 

Initially, Paras’ Big Brother Canada 6 win over comp-beast Kaela Grant came as a bit of a surprise. But in deconstructing her game it’s clear that the right person likely won. Paras despite never wanting to be branded with the “floater” label, successfully perfected the strategy, floating around and appeasing those in power while remaining in the good graces of everyone in the house at all times. Like she said in her final jury speeches, Paras was ‘the third’ in almost every power duo in the house and miraculously even people that she had a lot to do with sending home like Ryan and Alejandra, still wanted to vote for her in the end because she managed to take all the heat off of her. Paras really played down her strengths in the beginning parts of the game, was in the majority for every single vote, stayed off the block until the final five and then won two crucial HOH competitions toward the end to secure her place on finale night. It all culminated with her winning the game almost unanimously, by a vote of 6-1.

5. Kevin Martin – Season 3 (9th), Season 5 (Winner)

Kevin Martin might be the best possible player for the style of Big Brother Canada. Incredible in challenges, decent socially and fantastic strategically, Kevin will always do what is in his best interest but never burns bridges too far that he can’t repair them. He absolutely beat the system at the end of the Big Brother Canada 5, making sure to go into the house pre-season with the knowledge on the types of every single competition in the show’s history. This allowed him to dominate the challenges at the end of the game and thanks to having all his friends out the door, he just spent the final days studying all day long. As a result, he won those challenges when it mattered most, and was able to take Karen to the end of the game and become only the second unanimous winner in North American Big Brother history. He was solid in Season 3, despite so much going against him and always knew how to position himself, but his play in Season 5 is really what needs to be commended.

4. Godfrey Mangwiza – Season 3 (2nd)

One of the greatest players to ever play and also one of the most entertaining. Godfrey Mangwiza is one of the standout characters in Big Brother history and changed the game in terms of how house speeches are done. His “I Want Your Blood On These Hands” speech in Jordan Parhar’s eviction is iconic and has since inspired many final pleas and dramatic speeches such as Maddy Pavle’s “Your ass is grass” to Cassandra. Godfrey branded himself “the sleeping giant” early on and perfected the under-the-radar stategy like nobody else before. He downplayed every single one of his strengths tremendously and what he accomplished the week Jordan went home was severely impressive. One knock that could be said against Godfrey is that he benefited from the same twists that Sarah also benefited from. However in each of those twists, Godfrey made the correct move for his game, like trying to save Willow and keeping Zach, unlike Sarah who went against what was best for her game. Another knock that could be said against Godfrey is that he chose to take Sarah to the final two instead of Ashleigh. But you can’t really blame him for that as he thought the jury wouldn’t reward the twist-benefiting Sarah  and thought Ashleigh had far more friends on the jury than she actually did. Nonetheless, Godfrey should have won BBCAN3 and many jury members have said that had they known what they know now they would have voted for him. Unfortunately due to playing very, very under-the radar, the jury just couldn’t see his game. But as one of the most entertaining and best strategists the Canadian game has seen, Godfrey really is a Big Brother Canada legend and The Mastermind would still love to see him back some day.

3. Emmett Blois – Season 1 (3rd)

Solid social game, solid strategic game and best of all a dominating ability in challenges, Emmett Blois is practically the complete Big Brother player. He made a few key errors in his season like evicting Talla instead of Gary at the final four, but his overall play was the dominating factor behind the first season of the show. Emmett gained power early on and remained in power throughout the season; cutting ties with whoever he needed to in order to secure his place in the finale. He built an alliance around himself and that is what the best players of this game are always able to do. On another note, it can’t be forgotten that Gary had only made it to the final four after a twist allowed him re-entry into the game. If Gary hadn’t come back, Emmett likely would have ended up as the winner of the first ever season of Big Brother Canada. But ultimately for Emmett, just like Neda, it came down to whether or not he could win the final challenge and since he failed, he was immediately eliminated by the winner of that challenge and went out in third place.

2. Jon Pardy – Season 2 (1st)

From drinking tasks with Alison White to his hilarious persona in the diary room, Jon Pardy was one of the stars of Big Brother Canada 2 from start to finish. An alpha male who can manage to perfect the under the radar strategy has to be given an immense amount of credit and even though the East-Coaster for large sections of the game was the one in control, nobody had a clue. The hockey man along with Adele and Neda was even one of the only people that Ika actually felt bad for when she shredded those letters. His best move off all came when he bamboozled Arlie and Adel and convinced Sabrina and Rachelle to vote Arlie out. On top of that, when he won the final three HOH he knew what it would take to win and sealed the deal when he eliminated his loyal ally Neda Kalantar. Incredibly solid in all areas of the game, particularly socially, Jon Pardy will forever be one of the best Big Brother Canada players.

1. Neda Kalantar – Season 2 (3rd), Season 5 (11th)

One of the greatest strategists of all time Big Brother, Neda Kalantar will always be very hard to knock off of this spot, even if she didn’t do her absolute best in BBCAN5. She dominated the entire second half of Big Brother Canada 2 and even though she wasn’t always the most entertaining person on the season, it was absolutely amazing to watch her flip the game and then navigate her way through the final few weeks of the season. Utterly dominant, Neda absolutely did deserve to win and had Jon taken her to the final two, indications show that she would have. Her play in BBCAN5 was a bit over-the-top and a lot of the things she did were unnecessary but she still set herself up in such an amazing way in such a powerful position despite everyone else on that season knowing how much of a danger she posed. If Sindy hadn’t been such a bonehead, she easily could have made it to the final five. Neda is a BBCAN legend, an amazing strategist and would definitely have to be one of the first names on any list involving Big Brother Canada, including the list of the best players of all time.

So there it is! The fifteen best Big Brother Canada players of the first six seasons! Who do you think should be higher, lower, off the list or on the list? Let me know below and thanks for reading!

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