Where Does Paras Atashnik Rank Among The Best Big Brother Canada Players?

Initially, Paras’ Big Brother Canada 6 win over comp-beast Kaela Grant came as a bit of a surprise. But in deconstructing her game it’s clear that the right person likely won. Paras despite never wanting to be branded with the “floater” label, successfully perfected the strategy, floating around and appeasing those in power while remaining in the good graces of everyone in the house at all times. Like she said in her final jury speeches, Paras was ‘the third’ in almost every power duo in the house and miraculously even people that she had a lot to do with sending home like Ryan and Alejandra, still wanted to vote for her in the end because she managed to take all the heat off of her.

One of Paras’ most successful attributes in the game was in her ability to minimize the errors that she made. Paras hardly made any mistakes, even if she was unsuccessful in many of the plans that she tried to enact. She floated from week to week, always staying in good faith with power and this is a compliment, not an insult to her game.

Paras really played down her strengths in the beginning parts of the game, pretending to be dumb and not to be as powerful in the game as she actually was. From there she remained in the majority for every single vote, stayed off the block until the final five and then won two crucial HOH competitions toward the end to secure her place on finale night. When it came down to just her and Kaela in the final two, Paras gave her final jury speeches with tremendous passion and threw Kaela severely under the bus. She might have even managed to sway votes that had previously been going to Kaela like Johnny, Olviia and Ali. It all culminated with her winning the game almost unanimously, by a vote of 6-1. So now that it’s all over and Paras has been crowned the winner of Big Brother Canada 6, where does she rank among the best players of all time? To find out see Top 15 Big Brother Canada Players of All Time.

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