The Amazing Race 31 Episode 3 Recap – “Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy”

The Amazing Race 31 continues to impress as this week teams headed off to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and the race was flipped on its head. Teams that had been doing very well heading into this leg…namely Leo & Jamal…hit a bit of a speed bump. Meanwhile, Becca & Floyd bounced back from a tough leg in Laos and earned themselves redemption in Vietnam. Let’s get right into our episode recap for Episode 3 of The Amazing Race 31 – “Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy”.


The episode started off once again with all teams on the exact same flight to Vietnam. The elimination of separate flights in the race reduces a bit of drama, but it also is starting to create a bit of new drama. This system treats every leg as though the last one never happened, which provides an interesting dynamic. It gives contestants a greater chance to interact with everyone else and we’ve seen that to be used to the advantage of teams like Scott & Brooke in recent seasons. It also makes each leg much less predictable as every leg is a fresh start and anyone can end up going from first to last on any given day…just ask the Afghanimals!

While teams were waiting for their flights, Becca & Floyd tried to reignite their relationship with Tyler & Korey, who were a bit salty about the previous leg, in which Team Fun u-turned the Youtubers. As a peace offering, Becca fought salt with salt and offered Tyler a bag of trail mix. Rachel & Elissa came in next and made a peace offering of their own. Their apology came across as a little less sincere, especially with the way it was edited where Chris & Bret were laughing about it, Tyler was rolling his eyes and immediately after, Rachel & Elissa made a Big Brother alliance with the other BB teams, making this apology appear even less sincere. But you have to love Rachel and Elissa for their entertainment value.

As the teams set foot in Vietnam and after a bit of scrambling for cabs, we quickly flashed back to when Floyd struggled on the bicycles in Vietnam a couple of years ago and knocked himself and Becca out of the competition. They were looking for redemption and they found it!

After finding a doctor somewhere in Ho Chi Minh, the teams were given their second detour task of the season – Reel It In or Light It Up. The choice was between fishing for finger-biting prawns or dancing with Vietnam’s top dance crew in what turned out to be Floyd’s dream costume…lights!

It may or may not be important to note that Leo & Jamal were up to their old tricks once again before the detour and tried to convince Corinne & Eliza that the clue was not where it actually was after they had found it. But the trick only worked temporarily this time before Eliza realized they were lying. The Leo-Jamal / Corinne-Eliza relationship continues to tarnish…not that it was ever great to start with. This could have an effect later on in the race if another u-turn comes up, especially if the Afghanimals keep on lone wolfing these tasks. So far we’ve only really seen them work with Nicole & Victor, and they kind of burned them at the end of the last leg too.


When it came down to the detour, it seemed like everybody wanted to dance! Rachel & Elissa in particular were super into the dancing…but that didn’t last long. The former professional cheerleaders struggled to learn the routine and Becca & Floyd ended up pulling ahead. On their first try, the judge asked Team Fun for more power and energy. The Amazing Race 29 contestants brought the energy on their second try and were the first to get their clue. As this was going on, several teams were still lost in the streets of Ho Chi Minh City. The back of the pack, that included Leo & Jamal, were all having a hard time finding the detour. Leo & Jamal said at the start of the episode that taxis can make or break you in the race, and they certainly did not have an easy time this leg with their taxi drivers. If other teams like Britney & Janelle, Chris & Bret and Corinne & Eliza hadn’t had the same issue, this could have been an even greater problem for the Afghanimals.

Over at the fishing task, Tyler & Korey were struggling to make up any ground after arriving early. Eliza & Corinne arrived soon afterward and instantly had a stroke of luck. Although they struggled at first with the bitter bites of the pernicious prawns, Corinne & Eliza found themselves lucky and miraculously pulled ahead of Tyler & Korey. Back over at the dance task, Colin & Christie and Victor & Nicole received their clues and were able to chase after Becca & Floyd to try and keep this leg interesting. Rachel & Elissa were having less good fortune with their return to the dance floor and almost as soon as they got there, Bret felt bad about his decision to dance and had a case of stage fright. When they failed on their first attempt, Chris & Bret looked at each other and instantly knew they were switching detours.

“Why Practice? It’s Karaoke!”

We then switched back over to Becca & Floyd who at this point had found their way into a league of their own. Floyd chose to do this Road Block –  a karaoke singing challenge, and knocked it out of the park on his first attempt before any other team had arrived. Team Fun were then able to progress onto the pit stop – Ho Thi Ky. With their win Becca & Floyd won a trip for two to the Bahamas, and got redemption after a torrid time in Laos and an even worse leg the last time they were in Vietnam.  This was the most dominant first place finish of the season so far and puts Becca & Floyd back on the board as competitors in this race.

Meanwhile, all of the other teams were either making their way to the karaoke task, or still completing the detour! Rachel & Elissa finally completed the dance on their 18th attempt, which by the way…for two former professional cheerleaders, that is not amazing. Leo & Jamal were left alone to try and try the dance over and over again and on their four-hundredth attempt, they completed the task. During this time, Bret & Chris were still fishing but had a good system to try and make up ground. They received their clue to the final roadblock at around the same time that Leo & Jamal had been given their clue and arrived at the roadblock before the Afghanimals.

As we switched gears back to the karaoke, Eliza showed up and started yelling, so Victor left to go and complete the task. The decision paid off and the former Big Brother 18 contestant was able to pull ahead of the pack and lead himself and Nicole to a second place finish for the second leg in a row. Victor and Nicole were very happy by the way with their second place finish. Colin & Christie came in next and were less pleased, but said that they’d take third place.

Although they tried to make it look hard, the karaoke task really only seemed to be about correctly pronouncing the words. The screen in front of them had all the words on it so they didn’t have to memorize it. Every one of the top six teams except for Corinne & Eliza, got it on their first attempt. So it was a bit surprising that so many racers spent so much time practicing. When Leo showed up, he watched two seconds of the video and then smartly said “Why practice? It’s Karaoke!” This is exactly the approach I would have taken if I were to complete this task. For Leo, this approach paid off and had this not been a non-elimination leg, it would have been what kept them in the race. He didn’t get it on his first attempt but his rush to complete the task helped him to pull ahead of Bret and Chris, which crucially made the difference for them. In the end, Bret & Chris came in last and Phil revealed this to be a non-elimination leg. Unfortunately this was a bit of an unsatisfying ending to an otherwise awesome episode. Although I love Bret & Chris, non-elimination legs are pretty pointless in the grand scheme of things and I’d urge the race to consider other ways of extending the race to have more episodes, such as their “keep on racing legs” or simply adding more teams. The non-elimination of Chris & Bret essentially just nullified the entire leg. So that’s fun. At least Becca & Floyd got a trip to the Bahamas out of it.

So that ends our episode recap portion of this post. Now let’s take a look at the major talking points, who finished where and The Mastermind’s predictions for next time.


After Leo & Jamal’s fumble of a leg, I am going to switch my top pick on the board to Victor & Nicole, who have found consistency in this race. Consistently finishing high can be so key for the confidence and momentum of these teams, but they also just seem to be so much more zen than some of the others. This should help to stop them from becoming frustrated in the same manner that Leo & Jamal or the Reilly sisters would when things aren’t going their way. Speaking of Leo & Jamal, they’ve gotten a bit complacent, while Victor & Nicole have steadily made their way to the top of the pack and have done so really quietly too. No one will be seeing them as a big threat yet. But they absolutely are! This is a perfect place to be at this stage in the race and they just might be able to take this momentum all the way to the top.


There were quite a few standout moments from this leg of the race. Eliza’s karaoke shouting that made Victor quickly disappear and get his clue faster than he otherwise would have was pretty great, as was the opening scene with all the odd “peace-offerings”.  However, the best moment of this week has to be Floyd’s face and reaction when he realized the dancing challenge also required them to “Light It Up” and wear suits covered in red lights. According to Floyd, this was his dream. What a dream that is. Succeeding in this challenge also helped to earn Team Fun some redemption so there is no doubt that this has to be the moment of the week!


Vietnam is always a fun place for The Amazing Race to visit and the episode did well to picture Ho Chi Minh as a potential travel destination. Karoake seems to be a popular choice whenever the show visits Ho Chi Minh, just check out The Amazing Race Canada 4’s Shine Your Light. However, we spent so little time there that it didn’t really matter that this was something we’ve seen before. It was also really fun in the brief moments that we had there so I didn’t mind it at all. The detour tasks took up a large amount of time on the episode and this led to a bit of an imbalance. The roadblock was SO EASY and most teams got it on either their first or second attempts. The detour on the other hand was very difficult and had most teams there for what seemed like hours. The main reason why Becca & Floyd were able to win this leg is that they were the only team not to spend hours at the detour. That is a bit of a problem, but the challenges were still fun to watch and allowed for much drama, strategy and a bit of complex decision making. Overall, I’ll give this leg design a 6/10.


After a long leg in Vietnam, Corinne & Eliza continued their upward trend to finish in 5th place, while Tyler & Korey bounced back from their u-turn last week to finish in 4th this time around. Colin & Christie quietly made their way into 3rd, while Rachel & Elissa loudly made their way into 7th with the help of Janelle & Britney. Chris & Bret came in last, but were not punished for it and will remain in the race for next week’s leg.

Team Previous Show Position in Episode 3
Becca & Floyd The Amazing Race 1st
Nicole & Victor Big Brother 2nd
Colin & Christie The Amazing Race 3rd
Tyler & Korey The Amazing Race 4th
Corinne & Eliza Survivor  5th
Janelle & Britney Big Brother 6th
Rachel & Elissa Big Brother/Amazing Race 7th
Leo & Jamal The Amazing Race 8th
Chris & Bret Survivor 9th – Non-Elimination Leg


Leo & Jamal will probably climb back up the pack, while judging from the previews Rachel Reilly & the Survivor villains of Corinne & Eliza appear to get into a bit of a quarrel. Nicole & Victor might take their momentum into a first place finish, while Chris & Bret will do well to survive another day. Here is The Mastermind‘s prediction for the next episode

Team Previous Show Predicted Finish – Episode 4
Nicole & Victor  Big Brother 1st
Colin & Christie The Amazing Race 2nd
Becca & Floyd The Amazing Race 3rd
Tyler & Korey The Amazing Race 4th
Leo & Jamal The Amazing Race 5th
Janelle & Britney Big Brother 6th
Rachel & Elissa Big Brother/Amazing Race 7th
Corinne & Eliza Survivor 8th
Chris & Bret Survivor 9th – Non-Elimination Leg


Vietnam proved once again to be a great place for The Amazing Race to visit and this episode spun the race on its head with Leo & Jamal switching places with Team Fun. Next week the teams are set to head to stay in Vietnam and let’s hope we see something that we have never seen before. This was a great episode of the race, even if the non-elimination rendered it a bit pointless. Moving forward, Chris & Bret have a lot of work to do to catch up to the other teams, while anyone could win from the remaining teams. Thanks for reading and see you soon! 

To see where some of these former TAR teams rank on our list of the best Amazing Race teams, see Top 28 Amazing Race Teams After 28 Seasons.

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