Why Dane Rupert Is The Best Big Brother Canada Player To Ever Play

It was a long seventh season of Big Brother Canada and it all culminated on Thursday night in Dane Rupert taking control of the season from final four on, taking his best bud Anthony to the end, and winning in a stunning, unanimous 7-0 vote. I have been higher on this season of Big Brother Canada than most in the online fan community. In fact to me it’s been one of the very best. I have loved watching the self-proclaimed Pretty Boys completely dominate this game in a way that has never been seen before in Big Brother Canada and Dane was at the forefront of absolutely everything. The way Dane and the Pretty Boys utilized weaker players as targets in front of them to keep themselves safe in the game, while hiding their loyalty to one another was something truly special to watch and will likely be looked back upon much more fondly in future years. Their control over the house is something that can only be rivalled by Big Brother US 12’s Brigade alliance, which Adam Pike modelled this Pretty Boy alliance after when he first brought the idea up to Dane, Anthony and Mark on Day 1. Mark Drelich, who was very much the fourth of the alliance, was never really at the forefront of anything, but still has some degree of legacy in this stellar alliance. However, the true master manipulators in the Pretty Boys were Dane, Adam and Anthony Douglas who each had complete control over another contestant and a cast and crew backing them up in behind. Dane had Este, Kiki and Damien; Adam had Sam, Chelsea and Kyra, while Anthony had a strong relationship with Corey and a strong foothold in the wildcard that was Mark. With those tools at their disposal, the Pretty Boys were able to take control of the game in stunning fashion. Any one of Adam, Dane or Anthony would have been the best winner Big Brother Canada has ever seen and any one of them would have become the best player the Canadian version of this show has ever seen had they won. But to me the best result possible happened on Thursday night when Dane, the best of them all, was crowned the winner.


Damien Ketlo, one of Dane’s loyal allies and shields in the house, described the former hockey player as a triple threat. Not only was Dane arguably the greatest in challenges BBCAN has ever seen, he consistently made correct moves for his game (minus one Damien slip-up) and had a hold on the house like no one else. As Dane described in his fantastic final jury plea, he had 7 people in the house keeping him safe in Este, Kiki, Damien, Mark, Anthony, Adam and later Kyra. Despite being weaker players, Este, Kiki and Damien were always the targets over him. Even if he had been the target, he won competition after competition to save himself and on several occasions threw competitions to keep the blood off his hands. He lied, he manipulated, he played all sides of the house and everyone knew how dangerous he was. Yet everyone thought he would be dangerous for them rather than against them, and that is what kept Dane safe for so long. Although he always talked up Adam and said that he had to take Adam out otherwise he wouldn’t have won, Dane might have beaten anyone in the final two. He had two locked-in votes in Este and Damien and might have been able to convince Anthony and Mark to vote his way had it come down to that too.

In a 69-day game, it would be very hard to play everything perfectly. Dane was by no means a flawless winner of the game, although he was very close. His one major slip up did come in the form of nominating Damien, who was a loyal ally to him, but there was really nothing else for him to do after accidentally winning the final six HOH and his cards would have been shown after evicting Damien even if he hadn’t won. Luckily for him, Este and Damien weren’t bitter about their evictions and he remained a root-able figure as he won his way from bottom to top. From then on, he pulled off one of the craziest and best moves this show has ever seen when he convinced Anthony to save him at the final four by playing the loyalty card and showing Anthony how much he needed to keep Dane so that they could take down Adam together. Anthony evicted Mark and from then on, all Dane needed to do was win out, Kevin Martin-styled, and he had the game on lock. That is exactly what the Kelowna, B.C. native ended up doing. With HOH wins at the final four and final three, Dane won a total of 7 competitions in the house, matching Kevin Martin and Demetres Giannitsos’ records. This was despite throwing several competitions and being forced to sit on the sidelines in others. Among those vital wins was a final nine veto to get himself off the block and finally take down Sam, the final four veto to ensure Adam would go home more bitter toward Anthony and the final three HOH to ensure his spot in the final two. Adam also impressively won 7 competitions, but couldn’t win when he needed it most. Had he done, we may very well be talking about Adam right now in a similar vein. However, not only did Dane win when he needed it most, he slayed his toughest competition in the final two by an 7-0 vote.    


Taking his best bud Anthony to the final two, who had played such a strong, manipulative game, seemed to be the wrong choice when he easily would have slam-dunked all 7 jury votes against Kyra. But remarkably, he slam-dunked all 7 jury votes against someone who had performed equally well to him in the strategic and social aspects of the game and had a better jury questioning performance. The thing that really helped Dane out throughout the game and it sounds so simple…was his likability, charm, do or die attitude and the fact that he always played with so much heart. This seems weird to say, but Dane stayed on the good graces of every single person he evicted and put on the jury (minus Kyra) despite lie after lie. People like Corey, Damien and Sam had every right to hate Dane more than Anthony, but he was able to really just always articulate to people like Sam and Corey that getting them out isn’t what he wanted to do but, in most cases that he had to do it to win. That seemed to really resonate with people and someone so often praised for their ability to talk in Anthony, was unable to talk himself into the win on finale night. Ultimately, the jury was able to have a much more crystal clear image of Dane’s game. His competition wins can easily be pointed to as something that Dane had as a leg up over Anthony. But when you really look at it and consider how Dane had so many more allies than any other Pretty Boy (especially Anthony), kept his allies in the game longer than any other Pretty Boy (especially Adam) and remained in the good graces of every single member of the jury, his game really is just incredible. He may have won his way to the end at the very end of the game, but that’s part of Big Brother Canada and he cannot be knocked for needing to win those competitions. He needed to put himself in that position where he could win by getting Mark and Adam out. Eliminating Mark and Adam, while sending them to the jury both bitter toward Anthony for casting votes against them was immense for his shot in the final two. This also allowed Dane to go to the end with Kyra and Anthony – who had just two competition wins between them, and then sweep the final two challenges to win the game. It’s something that we’ve only ever really seen with Kevin Martin, but Kevin had to game-bot his way to the end through competition wins far more than Dane did. Unlike Kevin was able to do, Dane relied on throwing several competitions to keep himself under the radar despite always being the number one person everyone wanted to come after. 

He played up his weaknesses, he played up the dumb jock role and he played up how unintelligent he was when in reality, he had more knowledge of the show and game than anyone else. Practically every single person who was on their way out of the house, Adam included, resorted to making a big final speech about how they were going to come after Dane if they stayed. Everyone was able to recognize that Dane was playing the best game. But the problem was that Dane was the most well-protected player in the house. Even without that level of protection, his and Adam’s competition wins have set a new standard for Big Brother Canada and really just make Dane the best Big Brother Canada player of all time. A 7-0 vote now makes Dane only the second BBCAN winner and fourth North American Big Brother winner to win the final jury vote unanimously. He joins Dan Gheesling, Kevin Martin and Tamar Braxton in the ranks of unanimous winners and now usurps Jon Pardy and Neda Kalantar as the best winner and best player Big Brother Canada has ever seen.

Thanks for reading and see you soon! Make sure to see where Dane, Anthony and Adam rank on our list of the Best Big Brother Canada Players of All Time.

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