The Amazing Race 31 Episode 5 Recap – “I’m A Bird, I’m A Plane, I’m On The Amazing Race”

After a one-week hiatus for the Survivor finale, The Amazing Race 31 was back with a double-header. Part one of the night saw teams travel to Dubai in a fast-paced leg that ultimately turned disastrous for both an Amazing Race and Big Brother legend. Let’s get right into this episode recap for numero 5 – “I’m A Bird, I’m A Plane, I’m On The Amazing Race.”

At the start of the leg, we did the usual round-table and heard from every team about their thoughts going into the night. Colin & Christie were focused on themselves, Nicole & Victor felt underestimated and Rachel & Elissa were feeling in their element. Every team found themselves on the same flight and when teams arrived in Dubai, it was the middle of the night. Practically all the teams arrived together and were told to “sit and chill” and have some tea with locals, who would then tell them a few seconds later “By the way, your clue is in the car!”

Rachel & Elissa found themselves right up at the top but their cab driver took a wrong turn and it was Leo & Jamal along with Colin & Christie to arrive first at the Dubai Frame for their detour clue. The first task of the day was a detour ‘Fall’ or ‘Find.’ A virtual simulation of parachuting off a building and then answering questions, versus wearing dinosaur costumes and searching for eggs. Both detour tasks were a little wacky, but both had plenty moments of entertainment and their own unique difficulties. Leo & Jamal, Colin & Christie and Tyler & Korey chose to do to ‘Fall’ while the other teams chose to do ‘Find’. Meanwhile, Rachel & Elissa were still lost. Rachel tried her best not to have a meltdown, while Elissa tried to stay positive and said “Everything happens for a reason.”


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Leo & Jamal found the ‘Fall’ task first as Chris & Bret arrived to ‘Find’ first. Meanwhile, Rachel & Elissa had found their way to ‘Find’ and immediately after arriving and seeing how many teams were there, decided to switch detour tasks. Rachel was adamant that she wanted to switch, while Elissa seemed a bit more hesitant. Just as they decided to switch, was when we learned the task wasn’t going to be a real bungee jumping task but a simulation instead. Leo & Jamal were a bit disappointed to discover it was only a simulation but Colin & Christie on the other hand were absolutely loving it. After doing the simulation, they had to take a test on what they saw, which had really specific, difficult to answer questions. Along with the fact that only two teams could go at the same time, this definitely made ‘Fall’ the harder of the two detours.

Over at the egg finding task, all the teams were having fun and really had no trouble finding the eggs. Janelle & Britney were having the most difficulty but Chris & Bret had no trouble at all and maintained their lead to get the clue before any other. Besides the visual appeal of the task, there wasn’t much to watch out for at ‘Find’ so we spent most of our time on ‘Fall’ instead. Every single team messed up at least once with their answers to the question and it was Leo & Jamal who had the most amount of difficulty – failing to correctly count the number of antennas on a simulation. This allowed Colin & Christie along with Tyler & Korey to get ahead as more and more teams finished the egg finding task.


Chris & Bret were first to arrive at the roadblock – “Who Can Feel The Beat?”. Bret read the clue and instantly said “Oh no!” remembering how bad they were at the last dancing task in Vietnam. This was such a cool task though and fortunately for Bret, didn’t involve much dancing. The contestants arrived at a ‘silent rave’ and were handed a pair of headphones with a track. They were then told to find someone listening to that same track based on body language and movement alone. Nobody was really dancing that much so this task was far from easy. However, the few contestants who seemed to have some level of rhythmic ability like Floyd and later Rachel, got the clue within minutes. Floyd – a drum major who felt confident in his ability to feel the rhythm – got the clue within minutes, allowing him and Becca to take the lead for the first time in the leg.

As more teams were arriving to the roadblock, Leo & Jamal were still having trouble counting the antennas at the detour task.  The Afghanimals were only saved by Rachel & Elissa having just as much trouble as they were. Leo & Jamal finally recognized the number of antennas was four, while Elissa & Rachel had different answers as to whether a door was in or out and fell behind.

Nicole got the roadblock clue next in 2nd place, followed by Tyler, Bret and Christie. Shortly after Janelle got the clue and actually used the same dancer that Bret had used to get his clue. In a four-way race to the finish, Becca & Floyd found their way to the zip-line just narrowly ahead of Chris & Bret as the other teams began to arrive one after the other. Becca & Floyd had fun on the zip-line, won $5,000 each and then made Phil Keoghan rap for them…so that was incredible. Anyone who can make Phil rap has some serious credibility. Chris & Bret claimed a second place finish, their highest of the race so far, followed by Colin & Christie, Tyler & Korey and Nicole & Victor. Although this was Nic & Vic’s lowest finish of the race since leg one, you can’t really blame them as they had to wait for the zip-line and were only seconds away from Becca & Floyd. And if this doesn’t work out for them, just like Phil said, Victor can still do hair commercials.

At the roadblock, Leo didn’t take long at all and found the right dancer so quickly that the DJ couldn’t help but proclaim “That was fast!”. Miraculously, Rachel also found the clue within seconds. But with Leo & Jamal leaving as the Reilly sisters entered, this pretty much guaranteed that the former BB contestants would finish in last place.

As Janelle & Britney arrived in 6th place, Rachel continued to cry in the cab. The way this was edited with Rachel continuously talking about how the race was done for them and how they’ve enjoyed their experience, etc., clearly tipped the hand that it would be a non-elimination leg. So when they arrived to the mat, Rachel & Elissa survived another day and were able to keep on racing over to Uganda. Check out our Episode 6 recap right here to see how they and all the teams fared.

So that’s it for our episode recap portion of this article. But keep on reading for an analysis of this leg including its design, and best moment!


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The Amazing Race 31 has been killing it with their leg designs ever since the second episode. With so much colour and flare, this leg was visually stunning and having it take place during the night was definitely a smart decision given how much the colours popped. Although bungee jumping would have been much cooler than a simulated version, the simulated version provided some interesting moments like Rachel & Elissa switching tasks to find out that they would have been much better off staying put, and Leo & Jamal continuously messing up the questions. We also got a fun moment at the end of the leg with the zip-line to the pit-stop and the silent rave roadblock. None of the tasks were particularly difficult or memorable and it was a dreaded non-elimination leg, but the design both showcased Dubai as a destination and provided for lots of entertainment. As a result this leg design will get a 9.5/10.


Chris & Bret claimed their highest finish of the race so far, while Nicole & Victor finished in 5th despite being just minutes behind Becca & Floyd in first. Janelle & Britney survived, along with Leo & Jamal who had previously finished third in U.A.E. back in TAR23. Rachel & Elissa finished in last place but survived, at the grace of the non-elimination leg.

Team Previous Show Position in Episode 6
Becca & Floyd The Amazing Race 1st
Chris & Bret  Survivor 2nd
Colin & Christie  The Amazing Race 3rd
Tyler & Korey The Amazing Race 4th
Nicole & Victor Big Brother 5th
Janelle & Britney Big Brother 6th
Leo & Jamal The Amazing Race 7th
Rachel & Elissa  Big Brother/Amazing Race 8th – Non-Elimination Leg


The dinosaur costumes provided many hilarious moments, but the best moment of Episode 5 has to be Phil Keoghan not rapping, but telling Victor that he should do hair commercials. We don’t usually see much personality from Phil, especially in comparison to Amazing Race Canada‘s host Jon Montgomery. But in this two-minute span not only did we see Phil rap but also saw him compliment Victor’s luscious hair.


This was another extremely fun episode of The Amazing Race 31. Non-elimination legs sometimes feel pointless, but this one didn’t, especially with the next episode coming right after. Having Rachel & Elissa for a couple more legs will certainly be worth the price and also keep this race entertaining moving forward. Not that the other teams left aren’t extremely fun, one of them even calls themselves Team Fun. But with Rachel & Elissa on the race, Rachel in particular, the race will never have a dull moment. Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our Episode 6 recap to see how the teams fared in Uganda.

See you soon!

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