The Amazing Race 31 Episode 6 Recap – “Who Wants a Rolex?”

It was a spectacular double-episode of The Amazing Race 31 and episode six, the second of the two episodes on Wednesday night, proved to be one of the very best of the season. Let’s get right into this episode recap for episode six – “Who Wants A Rolex?”

After the non-elimination leg in Dubai, teams made their way to Kampala, Uganda. Instantly upon hearing the news, Tyler & Korey had some intense feelings about visiting a country that did not accept openly gay people – with laws specifically stating that it is a crime to be gay or engage in same-sex sexual activity. But in happier news…Janelle & Britney were very happy to see their Big Brother friends Rachel & Elissa still in the race!


After arriving in Uganda, teams had to make their way to the Uganda National Mosque where they would dress in traditional Ugandan clothing and climb a tall tower, counting the number of steps along the way. Bret & Chris started making their way up the tower without even knowing what they were supposed to do – having not found the clue. They got to the top only to have to go right back down, reminiscent of Bret’s blunder in the first leg on fake Mount Fuji in Japan. Meanwhile Tyler & Korey like the good Sherlock Holmes detectives that they are had researched prior to the start of the leg that the tower had 304 steps, so they didn’t bother to count. Unfortunately for them, that proved to be a mistake as they didn’t need to count all the steps, just certain ones, and had to go all the way back down.

Nicole & Victor were the first to get the correct number – ‘272’, despite being the third team to make an attempt. They were then followed shortly after by Colin & Christie and Tyler & Korey. These would be the top three teams on the day so arriving first and finishing this first task quickly clearly had a big impact on the rest of the leg. In fact the finishing order of the leg didn’t change all that much from what place they arrived in for the first task and what place they ended up finishing at the end of the leg. Rachel & Elissa became frustrated after their first failed attempt and Rachel even blurted out “Why is every team so much better than us?” But little did they know, Janelle and Britney were still stuck in traffic. This was a really tough leg for Janelle & Britney and by the time the Big Brother legends had arrived at the first task, second last Becca & Floyd were already on their way out.


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While Janelle & Britney were getting started with the tower task, Nicole & Victor had arrived to the roadblock first – “Who Wants A Rolex?”.

In theory, the roadblock task was simple and most teams finished quickly. It only became very difficult for Janelle later on. Racers had to make a ‘Rolex’ sandwich, which looked similar to a shwarma. Victor has not had any difficulty with any roadblock this season and that did not change as he absolutely crushed it yet again. The BB18 fan-favourite is a jack of all trades and got the roadblock clue before any other individual, not for the first time this season. Korey and Colin also nailed the task and received the clue just as Rachel & Elissa arrived for their speed bump.

Rachel & Elissa’s speed bump was called Wash N Go and they had to hand-wash dirty clothes and hang them up in a crowded area. Being moms, they felt confident with the task and it didn’t seem to take too much precious time away from them. Meanwhile, Janelle was asking everyone in sight if they knew where she could find a watch. Finally she found a Rolex, but it wasn’t the sandwich. Shockingly, Elissa had finished her ‘rolex’ in one try before Janelle had even found what she was looking for.

Meanwhile, most of the other teams were having better luck as they began the detour = ‘Salty Roll’ or ‘Move The Pole.’ All of the first six teams chose to ‘Move The Pole’ which involved using a bicycle to load and stack wood and then deliver it to another area where they would stack a high-pile. This might sound easy in theory but it was far from it. As Floyd probably had flashbacks to his race-eliminating performance on the bicycles of Vietnam, Colin in particular had a tough time keeping the bicycle on its wheels. But with his newfound zen-like attitude there was no “My bicycle is broken!” moment that we would have seen fifteen years ago. Colin’s zen-like spirit was not enough to take them to the top however as it was Tyler & Korey to complete the detour first.

Just when it was looking like they were going to secure a first place finish for the first time this season, Tyler & Korey opened the clue to see that there was one more task still to be completed and this time – a head-to-head. This particular head-to-head battle involved creating four distinct stacks of drums by moving them around almost like a puzzle, while simultaneously having to tune out Phil – who was narrating the challenge Jeff Probst styled.


A head-to-head has been more commonly used on international versions of The Amazing Race, including TAR Canada and pits teams against each other to battle it out. If a team or in this case, an individual wins, they move on to the next stage in the race, while the losers are forced to stay and battle out the next incoming team. This ensures that the losing team of the very last battle is almost guaranteed to go home, especially in a case like this where the pit stop was virtually right at the final task.

This could have been disastrous for Tyler & Korey who had run a really good leg in a country they were slightly reluctant to visit. But fortunately for them, they were able to knock out Colin & Christie and finish in 1st place. As a reward for their finish, they won a trip to Singapore. Victor then took on the task against Colin, but it was the former Amazing Race contestant who pulled out the victory and propelled himself and Christie to a 2nd place finish for the the second time in this season. Victor would however be able to beat Chris, allowing him and Nicole to claim third.

Meanwhile, Rachel & Elissa diverted from the pack and chose the the less popular detour option. Going with the pack on the detour can keep you in the loop on exactly where you stand but it can also propel you to the top if it turns out to be an easier task. For them, it didn’t seem to have much of an effect and after Rachel lost to Jamal in the head-to-head, it meant that Rachel & Elissa would have to face off against their friends Britney & Janelle. Rachel kept her cool and pulled out the victory, stopping her and Elissa from having a second last-place finish in a row and sending home their good friends Britney & Janelle instead.

So that’s it for our episode recap. Now let’s get into the analysis – including leg design, who finished where and predictions for next time. Keep on reading!


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This was possibly the best leg design of the race so far and certainly takes the cake for our highest rating of a leg design so far. No task was easy, yet they were really easy to follow along with and varied drastically from a) other tasks we’ve seen this season and b) from the other tasks in the leg. We had a cooking task, a physically and mentally demanding stair-counting task and a couple more tasks that were really unique to the Ugandan culture like Rachel & Elissa’s speed bump and the two detour tasks . The head-to-head also provided something new and fresh to keep the show interesting and didn’t have detrimental consequences that it maybe could have if Britney and Janelle had somehow survived after being incredibly far behind the other teams. My one qualm is that the tasks weren’t so complex or specific to a certain skill-set that the finishing order changed at all. It was pretty much the same order of teams from the start of the leg to the end. But that is being really nit-picky on a fantastically entertaining leg of the race. Overall I give this leg-design a 9.5/10.


Team Previous Show Position in Episode 6
Tyler & Korey The Amazing Race 1st
Colin & Christie The Amazing Race 2nd
Nicole & Victor Big Brother 3rd
Chris & Bret  Survivor 4th
Becca & Floyd The Amazing Race 5th
Leo & Jamal The Amazing Race 6th
Rachel & Elissa Big Brother/Amazing Race 7th
Janelle & Britney Big Brother 8th – Eliminated


I am going to change course here and proclaim Colin & Christie to have the winner’s edit. The self-proclaimed mom and dad of the group have been phenomenal so far this season and although they are very different from what we saw from them in Season 5, they’re running this race equally well to how they did all those years ago. Their lowest finish so far came in Leg 2 and was only 4th place, while their highest was two legs later where they won in Ho Chi Minh City. This makes Colin & Christie the most consistent team so far this season. They continue to say the right things in their interviews, look so composed in each and every task and continue to finish at the top of the pack. Colin & Christie are my episode six picks for most likely to win at this stage of the race.


On the next leg of the race, Rachel & Elissa seem to get in a quarrel with the relatively stable and calm Victor & Nicole. This could prove interesting to watch but given that this is pretty much the only thing we saw in the preview it could also mean that both teams will be safe for another leg. Previews don’t usually tip their hand like that. Meanwhile, the Afghanimals have been on a downward trip but it would take a lot to get them out of the race at this point. Here is our predicted finish for episode seven of The Amazing Race 31.

Team Previous Show Predicted Finish – Ep7
Colin & Christie The Amazing Race 1st
Tyler & Korey The Amazing Race 2nd
Becca & Floyd The Amazing Race 3rd
Rachel & Elissa Big Brother/Amazing Race 4th
Nicole & Victor Big Brother  5th
Leo & Jamal The Amazing Race 6th
Chris & Bret  Survivor 7th


The best moment of this week has to go to Tyler & Korey overcoming their fears of visiting a country they had hesitations about visiting and making the most of the leg in Uganda, while practically cruising to a 1st place finish.


So that ends our episode recap and analysis for Episode 6 of The Amazing Race 31. This continues to be a fantastic season of the show and episode six did not disappoint by any means, providing one of the best leg designs we’ve seen so far. Rachel & Elissa stay in the race, which will undoubtedly continue to produce great TV, as this season moves into its second half. Thanks for reading and be sure to check out more Amazing Race episodes and articles right here.  Also be sure to follow The Mastermind Site‘s Reality TV Twitter page @realitytvtms.

Episode 5 Recap Coming Soon!

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See you soon!

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