The Amazing Race 31 Episode 10 Recap – “Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!”

Amazing Race 31 Cast

The Amazing Race 31 has been a whole lot of fun to watch and has recaptured the attention of viewers around North America back to this show. The season is coming to a close with just one episode left now. For Leg 10, teams traveled to the Netherlands and took on just two tasks as a double-u-turn took centre stage once again. Here is our episode recap for Episode 10 of The Amazing Race 31, titled…and I can’t believe I have to type this out… “Chugga Chugga Choo and Choo!” So thank you Becca Droz for that.

To start off the leg, teams left Split, Croatia for Amsterdam in the Netherlands. After arriving in Holland they quickly made their way to a completely different city, Kampen, which definitely did not receive much mention in the show whatsoever. Tyler & Korey discussed the relationships they’ve built with the other teams, which they felt should keep them safe again if another u-turn was to come into play and all the teams left to find tickets for flights to Amsterdam.


Interestingly, to start the episode, nearly every team found themselves on separate flights. Tyler & Korey and Nicole & Victor were the only teams to secure the same flight and booked an 8:00am departure, while Leo & Jamal got on the last flight, set to depart almost four hours later. Colin & Christie’s flight was only 10 minutes before the Afghanimals’ while Becca & Floyd were able to get on a flight that left an hour after the first two teams. But this seemed to mean almost nothing as the teams arrived after a couple of train rides and SUDDENLY everyone was on level terms again. The teams started off on tandem bikes and Floyd had flashbacks to his Vietnam elimination again, which happened to also take place on Leg 10 of The Amazing Race 28. Nicole & Victor, who were celebrating Nicole’s birthday, found the detour clue first and chose a completely different task from all the other teams. The detour was a choice between High and Dry – hoisting a cow up in the air versus pole vaulting across a ditch and delivering eggs to a street vendor. Nic & Vic chose to do the vaulting task, while the other teams biked away to the other. Nicole struggled to vault the ditch and even wanted to switch detours. Eventually she got it (not really) and face-planted in the water for the fifteenth time. Despite that the Dutch judge decided this was enough. Victor then did pretty much the rest of the challenge, proving once again how much of a beast he is at physical challenges. The other teams meanwhile were happy to see they weren’t working with real cows. Becca & Floyd were the last to arrive at the task, having found themselves lost and by the time they arrived, Tyler & Korey + Colin & Christie had already completed the task. So that was short. After hoisting their cow high up above a building…(what a weird thing to have to do)…they were able to make their way to the double u-turn board.


Although I think the race is trying to make u-turn boards so commonplace that it’s becoming almost overdone, this one created a lot of drama again and definitely spiced up the leg. Leo & Jamal discussed how they wanted to u-turn Nicole & Victor as pay-back for what happened at the u-turn vote in Switzerland as Nicole & Victor’s decision to choose the detour that no one else was going to do was looking to be a risky decision. Tyler & Korey along with Colin & Christie arrived first and decided not to u-turn anyone which was absolutely the best move for both teams. Tyler was able to articulate in confessional that they knew the Afghanimals would u-turn somebody and that would cause a ripple effect with another team being u-turned, meaning they would pretty much be guaranteed first or second place. This was definitely a smart decision from the two teams who have been the most consistent in this season so far.

Leo & Jamal raced Nicole & Victor to the u-turn board without even knowing it, and just narrowly beat them out. This meant the exhausted Nic & Vic would be forced to do both sides of the detour. Becca & Floyd meanwhile were still on the cow task, but the BB18 contestants had no way of knowing this due to choosing a detour that nobody else had done! Fortunately, they came to the correct conclusion and u-turned Becca & Floyd, who were the only team not ahead of them at that point.

On the drive over to their next task, Tyler & Korey’s lead slipped away when Colin & Christie left them in the dust. When Colin & Christie arrived they were surprised to see that the only task remaining was a boat task that would lead them to the pit-stop. The final task simply involved driving a boat through a beautiful river in Giethoorn, searching for two canals that would lead to boats they could connect themselves too. Leo was enamoured with all the animals along the river and perhaps that is when things started to go wrong for the Afghanimals as Colin & Christie pulled ahead and Tyler & Korey caught up.


Meanwhile Nicole & Victor were scrambling to find the cow task as Becca & Floyd eased into the vaulting task. Despite completing the vaulting without issue, when they got to the egg vendor, the vendor was not easing up. One of their eggs was cracked and Team Fun had to do something very un-fun and go all the way back to get more eggs. Becca was fuming, but luckily for them Nicole & Victor had only just found the task and were looking very tired. On their first attempt to hoist the cow up, Nicole & Victor didn’t have the energy and had to do it all over again. Becca & Floyd put the pedal to the mettle and tried to get the replacement egg as fast as they could but it was Nic & Vic who would get the clue first, after getting their cow to the correct height with a second to spare.

Over at the final task, Colin & Christie became the first team to find the boats they needed to connect to and cruised into first place. With their first place finish the Amazing Race 5 contestants won 7,500$ each. Afterward the happy couple talked about how they were peaking at the right time and wanted redemption from Season 5 where they won six legs. Cough Winner’s Edit Alert. Tyler & Korey struggled in third, even hitting a family with their boat by accident but somehow Leo & Jamal were having even greater issues and found themselves in a completely different section of the river than they were supposed to be. Leo & Jamal constantly found themselves going the wrong way down the river, bumping into strangers to the annoyance of all the locals around them, while Tyler & Korey meanwhile were also being yelled at by locals, even being called idiots. The Youtubers brushed it off and finally found their way into second place.

As this was happening, Leo & Jamal’s boat suddenly stopped working?! Nicole & Victor caught up and suddenly the Afghanimals were looking to be in danger. Fortunately for them, they found a local man to help fix their boat. But even Becca & Floyd had caught up in time and things went from bad to worse when Nic & Vic found their first boat. Team Fun also found their first boat but Leo & Jamal were still ahead of the game and finally found their second. The Afghanimals were next to arrive at the pit-stop and really were only saved by the grace of the u-turn board and the act of getting there in time to u-turn their new enemies. It was a tight finish to the mat and ultimately Nic & Vic finished in fourth as Team Fun were eliminated on Leg 10 for the second time in their Amazing Race careers. They went out with a rap and sadly this will be the last we see of Team Fun on Season 31 of The Amazing Race. So that’s it for our episode recap portion of this article. Now let’s discuss everything else from the leg design to who finished where and predictions for next time. Keep on reading!


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With only a detour task and a race to the pit-stop this leg felt a bit short from a viewer’s perspective. However, the boating task provided a lot of intrigue and drama and was far from just a race to the pit-stop, especially given the trouble all the locals were having with the teams. The detour tasks were a little uneven as the cow task seemed to be far easier than the vaulting challenge, particularly when you throw the cracked egg element into the mix. However, Netherlands was absolutely stunning and the final task was really fun to watch. Most of the drama beyond the final task came out of the u-turn board rather than the intrigue of the tasks themselves and so I am going to give this leg design a 5/10.


Tyler & Korey’s win streak came to an end with Colin & Christie regaining first place. The momentum is now firmly back in Colin & Christie’s favour heading into the final leg. Leo & Jamal could have done a lot better but were ultimately saved by the u-turn board and their decision to u-turn Nicole & Victor, which proved to be the right call given that it’s what kept them in the race. Nicole & Victor meanwhile bounced back from being u-turned to knock Team Fun out of the race on Leg 10 just like they were three years ago. Here is who finished where for Leg 10 of TAR31.

Team Previous Show Position in Episode 9
Colin & Christie The Amazing Race 1st
Tyler & Korey The Amazing Race 2nd
Leo & Jamal The Amazing Race 3rd
Nicole & Victor Big Brother 4th
Becca & Floyd The Amazing Race 5th – Eliminated


Leo and Jamal

It appears as though next week a winner of The Amazing Race 31 will be crowned. Colin & Christie have the winner’s edit and the momentum, but Tyler & Korey have been the most successful in the race so far, with four first place finishes. Leo & Jamal have been shown really talking themselves up in the previews for next week and it appears The Amazing Race teams could be set to band together to eliminate Nic & Vic before the final-three (if we are getting a final three). It all comes down to this and so here are The Mastermind’s predictions for next week’s finale episode.

Team Previous Show Position in Episode 9
Colin & Christie The Amazing Race Winners
Tyler & Korey The Amazing Race Runners Up
Nicole & Victor Big Brother Runners Up
Leo & Jamal The Amazing Race 4th – Eliminated

It is very possible that we end up with an all-Amazing Race final three. However, I do not think it will happen. Leo & Jamal have really struggled in the race lately and look a bit cocky going into the final episode. As a result they could be set to go out in fourth place for the third time in their Amazing Race careers, which truly would be so poetic and so sad for them. They’ve been so close and right there every single time but I really don’t think they have enough left in the tank to make it to the top of the pack and beat either of the two front runners. Instead of the Afghanimals, Nicole & Victor should just sneak into the finale in third place and could be the underdogs right now to win it all. The front runners of Colin & Christie and Tyler & Korey will battle it out for first having done so for the past month in the season, but ultimately I think based on the edit that we have seen that it will be Colin & Christie who claim the 1 million dollar prize. Who do you think will win? Make sure to comment below or on Twitter @realitytvtms.


With the finale next week this fantastic season of The Amazing Race is coming to a close. Although Phil Keoghan was always skeptical of the idea to bring different television shows together onto his show, it has reinvigorated an audience that was slowly starting to go off of The Amazing Race after thirty seasons. This will certainly be a season to remember and it all comes to a conclusion next week with our winners being crowned. This week we said goodbye to Becca & Floyd in fifth place again, a disappointing finish for them given how consistent they were this season. But the final four teams that remain each have a shot at winning the million dollar prize and next week is going to be so exciting to watch. Thanks for reading and be sure to check back next week to hear The Mastermind Site‘s thoughts on the season as a whole and the finale. See you next time!

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