Hot Take / Unconventional Opinions Tournament Coming Soon!

Hello and welcome to another upcoming episode of Round of 32! This weekend Rhys and an illustrious panel of guests will be getting together to discuss your hot takes / unconventional opinions. In order to participate you can send your four strongest hot takes to any of the below…

Once you have your four takes please rank them in order from strongest (1) to weakest (4) as it will impact the placement on the bracket of the take. As this is a G-rated show all takes must also be G-rated in order to be accepted onto the show. Your takes can be submitted up until Saturday at noon.

Be sure to also check out previous episodes of the Round of 32 Podcast for more information and to get a grasp of how the show works.

What is a hot take? 

Society thinks one thing…you think something completely different. That’s a hot take. Share your unpopular/controversial/unconventional/feverishly high temp takes to any of the above places for a chance to have your idea or any idea in the Waiting Room of your choice promoted onto the wheel.

Should you have any questions please contact

Thanks and see you at this weekend’s hot take tournament!


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