Round of 32 Podcast – New Format

Brackets are exciting, but are they exciting enough? In recent weeks I have had a desire to “game-ify” the Round of 32 Podcast weekly show, and reduce the need for guests to know everything under the sun about a specific topic. Some shows like “Worst Expressions” will keep the bracket format, but others will adopt a new game show format involving a mix of trivia, a showdown clash, and a draft en route to crowning a winner of the best or worst ___.  The new format will work in four rounds as described below.


Each show will continue to be about the best or worst ___, with thirty-two entries for each topic and a waiting room to match. However, guests of the show will not know who the thirty-two entries are. Over the course of the show they will need to answer questions and compete in games to reveal all thirty-two entries. In The Draft, the guest(s) and the host will draft their all-star team on the topic – their top four choices.


In Round 2, guests will compete in a game of trivia – The Quiz – involving questions of any of the thirty-two entries. If they get the question right, they will earn another draft pick and reveal more of the Round of 32 entrants, aiding in their quest to pick their all star team. If they get it wrong, the other panelist will have a chance to steal. If they get it wrong on the steal, the question ends with neither guest earning another draft pick and the host securing half a point instead. For every full point the host earns, they get another draft pick. Round 2 will end once the winner of the quiz has selected four more picks. At that time, the other panelists will compete to make their final remaining selections, however many it may be.


In Round 3, the panellists will compete in The Showdown, one of these three games…

  • Who Said What? – For TV shows, songs with multiple artists, movies, etc., guests will try to guess which person/character said which line.
  • What The Bleep? – Guests will try to guess the missing word in a sentence, that will be replaced by a bleep.
  • Which Doesn’t Fit? – Guests will be given three things that fit together, and one that doesn’t fit. Guests have to reveal which one doesn’t fit.

For each correct answer in any game, the panelist will earn a new draft pick and reveal more of the Round of 32 entrants. For every wrong answer, the other panelist will have a chance to steal. If both are incorrect, the host gets half a point toward their next draft pick. The game ends when the winner has made their final four picks. The other panellists will then compete to pick up the remaining Round of 32 entries.


In Round 4, each panellist will put forward their top pick that they believe should be in consideration for Worst or Best ___. Once all three selections have been made, the panellists will then debate to select the final pick in the final four. From there, the winner of the two previous rounds (with a tiebreaker available if needed) will get to decide the semi-final match-ups and the panel will eventually crown a winner.

After the episode goes live, listeners will get a chance to vote for who had the best selected teams for each show.

So there it is! Our new game show format! To submit ideas for future shows go to our Contact page. Be sure to check out all of our episodes from the weekly show right here!

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