Ideas in the Waiting Room

Below are the ideas currently in the Waiting Room, as submitted by listeners, friends and hosts of the show. Details of how to submit ideas are at the end of this page!

*Updated every other Sunday. 


* Icelandic Yogurt Level…Happening for sure…just a question of when?

Round of 32 Theme Song Music/Miscellaneous
Catchphrase or Slogan For The Show Miscellaneous
Bracket of Ideas Miscellaneous
Breakup Songs Music
Round of 32 Needs A New Logo Miscellaneous
Disney Channel Shows 2000-2010 Television
Funniest Characters from Top Comedy Shows Television
Best Kim Possible Episodes Television
Most Meaningful Songs Music
Best Parks & Recreation Episodes Television
The Good Place Episodes or Moments Television
Gravity Falls vs. Some Other Disney Show Best Episodes Television
Greatest Myths Society & Culture
Disney Duos With Great Chemistry Society & Culture
Maren Morris vs. Kacey Musgraves Best Songs Music
Underrated Artists Music
Fictional TV Characters Least Equipped To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse Television
Animated Shows from 2000-2020 Television
Most Devastating Finales Television
Iconic Songs of the 1990s Music
Love Songs Music
Gender Neutral Names Society & Culture
Songs About Infatuation Music
Most Beautiful, Well Written Songs Music
Personal Narrative Songs Music
Most Vocally Talented Artists 2010-2020 Music
Best Debut Songs Music
Best Breakthrough Songs Music


* Call Me Maybe? ….Might happen but may need to be workshopped or help getting off the ground. 

Stavros Needs A Punishment Miscellaneous
Most Overused Words Society & Culture
Attributes You’d Want In A Romantic Partner Society & Culture
Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone Society & Culture
Anonymous Most Awkward Moments/Stories Society & Culture
Fruits & Vegetables Food
The Office Episodes Television
Britney Spears Songs Music
Disney Songs Music
Strangest Facts Society & Culture
Overrated Things Society & Culture
Underrated Things Society & Culture
Gwen Stefani vs. No Doubt Songs Music
Rhys & Friends Name A Farm Animal Miscellaneous
Most Hated Songs Music
Lana Del Rey vs. Miley Cyrus Best Songs Music
Iconic Music Videos 2010-2020 Music
Corner Gas Episodes Television
Phineas & Ferb Episodes Television
Greatest Quotes Society & Culture
Rhys Needs A How I Met Your Mother Co-Host Television
Rhys Needs A Celebrity Wife Society & Culture
Most Obscure Phobias Society & Culture
Anonymous Most Embarrassing Moments/Stories Society & Culture
Best Nintendo Games Video Games
Friends Episodes Television
William Shakespeare Plays Society & Culture
The Good Place Moments Television
YouTubers/Vloggers Society & Cultrue
Board Games Society & Culture
Plays, Board Games, Video Games, Musicals, etc. Society & Culture
Bracket of Rejected Ideas Miscellaneous
Best Dance Songs of the 2000s Music
Stars of the 2010s Most Likely To Flop in the 2020s Society & Culture
Marianas Trench Songs or Marianas Trench vs. Lights(?) Best Songs Music
Best Summer Activities Society & Culture
Greatest Self-Discovery Prompts Society & Culture
Best Opening Lines in TV Shows Television
Artists/Bands That Changed Music Music
Best Songwriters of the 2000s Music


* Wait for it!….Happening….just not yet.

Round of 32’s Best Moments of 2020 Miscellaneous
So You Think You Can Podcast? Miscellaneous
Ranking the 32 Episodes Miscellaneous
Winner Showdown Miscellaneous
Greatest Bracket Mistakes Miscellaneous
Christmas Songs Music
Greatest Songs of the Year 2020 Music
Innovative Ideas / Practical Takes from the Listeners Society & Culture
Newer Christmas Songs (2010-2020) Music
Best Intro Segments on the Show Miscellaneous
Most Persuasive Arguments on the Show Miscellaneous


* Maybe next year…Sequels to already completed shows. The Sequel Mechanism will always hold 1 spot on the wheel following Episode #15. 

Sequel Mechanism Sequel To…
Most Annoying Things 2 Episode #2
How I Met Your Mother Episodes That Didn’t Make The Cut Episode #3
Best First Date Ideas Episode #4
Practical Takes / Innovative Ideas Episode #7
Iconic Songs of the 2010s that Didn’t Make The Cut Episode #8
Brands of Beers Episode #9
Comedies That Changed Television /
Dramas That Changed Television
Episode #10


* Not happening bro. He’s not coming…She’s not coming? ….Rejected ideas. (Sometimes demoted to the Lightning Round, sometimes banned).

Best/Worst Commercials of All Time Society & Culture
Best/Worst Jobs for Teenagers Society & Culture
Worst Words Society & Culture
Rhys Needs A Blind Date Society & Culture
Best Album Art Music
Greatest Male Artists Music
Vacation Spots/Travel Destinations Society & Culture
Best Openings of Lines Books Society & Culture
Worst Jobs Society & Culture


Under ‘Contact’ on our top menu and at the bottom of your page on the Footer, you will see a ‘Submit Ideas’ section where you can submit ideas for the wheel, lightning round, game night, and specific shows.

Alternatively, you can submit ideas to the show at; @roundof_32 on Twitter; and Round of 32 Podcast on Facebook. You can also leave us a five star rating and review on iTunes/Apple Podcasts and leave us your idea at the end of the review for a chance to get your idea straight onto the wheel!

Guests of the show have the power to promote something from the Waiting Room onto the Wheel in a variety of ways, where it can then get onto the show.

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