Round of 32 – Vetoes & Rules



To make the show more interesting than just an ordinary bracket, the panel on each show have a selection of vetoes to use at their will.

GOLDEN VETO  Each guest has a golden veto in which they can use at the Round of 32 to replace anything on the bracket with something in the ‘Waiting Room’ for the episode. The host or creator of the bracket for that episode does not have a golden veto. Not to be confused with the Idea Waiting Room, the Episode Waiting Room includes a list of items that did not make it to the bracket, but were either on the bracket at one point in time or came close to making the bracket. This list is always available to the guests so that they can choose to replace something on the bracket at anytime in the Round of 32. 

SILVER VETO – Each guest and the host of the show have a Silver Veto, which they can use during the Round of 32 to automatically send something through to the next round, regardless of the outcome of the match-up. If the Silver Vetoes go unused by all panelists in the Round of 32, each panelist will have their Silver Veto reinstated for the Round of 16. This also makes the Diamond Veto available for the Round of 16 as a result, so long as the guest has not already used their Golden Veto. If even one panelist has used their Silver Veto in the Round of 32, all Silver Vetoes are nullified at the Round of 16.

DIAMOND VETO – Each guest may choose to exchange both their Gold and Silver Vetoes for a Diamond Veto. The Diamond Veto allows a guest to move anything to a different part of the bracket at any time during the Round of 32, including knocking something out that has already advanced to the next round. The host or creator of the bracket does not have a Diamond Veto until the Round of 16, and only if all Silver Vetoes have gone unused in the Round of 32. Once an item has been knocked out of the bracket, it is not eligible to be moved. 


Episode #1: Greatest Female Artists 2017-2020

  • The first use of the Golden Veto came in Episode #1 when guest Sam the Man used his Golden Veto to knock Kelsea Ballerini out of the bracket at the 11 seed and replace her with Lennon Stella at the Round of 32. Rhys voted for Canadian artist Lights to progress in the round against Lennon Stella, while Sam voted the other way. The wheel sent Lennon Stella through to the next round, robbing the listeners of a Kacey Musgraves vs. Kelsea Ballerini match-up in the Round of 16. Lennon Stella was eventually knocked out of the bracket by Kacey Musgraves.

Episode #2: Most Annoying Things (Top Pet Peeves)

  • The first use of the Diamond Veto came in Episode #2 when guest Alli used her Diamond Veto to advance both ‘Having Your Name Mispelled’ and ‘Unreliable People’ in the Round of 16 of the Most Annoying Things bracket, sending both items into the Quarter Finals. She chose to eliminate ‘Attention Hogs’ in the process. ‘Having Your Name Mispelled’ advanced passed ‘Know it Alls’ in the final eight and made it to the Hall of Fame, while ‘Unreliable People’ won the bracket.  

Episode #3: Best How I Met Your Mother Episodes

  • The first use of the Silver Veto occurred in Episode #3 when guest Stavros advanced Right Place, Right Time ahead of Tick, Tick, Tick in the Round of 32 of the How I Met Your Mother Episode bracket. Right Place, Right Time would be eliminated in the next round by The Pineapple Incident. 
  • The first double-use of a Silver Veto also occurred in Episode #3, when Rhys and guest Samir both used their silver vetoes to cancel each other out in Slapsgiving vs. Blitzgiving, the final match-up of the Round of 32. Slapsgiving advanced to the Round of 32 as a result of Stavros’ vote.
  • The first time that two Golden Vetoes were used also occurred in Episode #3. Stavros chose to use his Golden Veto to take out The Ashtray and replace it with Ted Mosby, Architecht at the 25 seed. Samir also chose to use his Golden Veto to take out all-time classic Ten Sessions in favour of The Drunk Train at the 14 seed. Ted Mosby, Architect would be immediately eliminated at the hands of Brunch, while The Drunk Train progressed to the Round of 16 ahead of The Platinum Rule

Episode #4: Worst First Date Ideas

  • The first episode in the show’s history that did not incorporate any vetoes was Episode #4. All vetoes went unused and therefore expired at the Quarter Finals.


In the process of compiling the list for the bracket of each episode, the guests and the host for that episode submit a ‘Mount Rushmore’. This includes their top four choices for what should make the bracket. This may not be their favourite things, but what they think should make the bracket. Each panellist’s ‘Mount Rushmore’ automatically makes the bracket, although it can be vetoed by a guest with a Golden Veto.

If a panellist’s Mount Rushmore selection wins the bracket, they get to automatically put something on the wheel. Alternatively, they can give something already on the wheel two spots instead of one. If a guest’s idea is not ready for the wheel, it can be placed in the Waiting Room or Lightning Round and workshopped until ready to be promoted to a full episode.


  • The first person to have a Mount Rushmore selection win the bracket was Alli when Unreliable People won the Episode #2: Most Annoying Things bracket. She chose to promote Hot Takes/Unconventional Ideas onto the wheel.
  • The first time Rhys had a Mount Rushmore selection win the bracket was Episode #3 – Best How I Met Your Mother Episodes, when Brunch won the bracket. Rhys chose to give the Lightning Round two spots on the wheel heading into the first ever wheel spin the following episode.
  • The first time two guests had a Mount Rushmore selection win the bracket occurred in Episode #4: Worst First Dates. Both guests – Dhriti and Alli, had The Club in their Mount Rushmore. Dhriti chose to give Disney Movies two spots on the wheel. Alli chose to promote Conspiracy Theories onto the wheel.
Rank Leaderboard Wins Success
1 Alli 3 75%
2 Stavros 2 66%
3 Rhys 2 33%
4 Colby 1 100%
5 Dhriti 1 50%

THE WHEEL cropped-round-of-32-wheel.png

  • There is no maximum or minimum amount of items that can be on the wheel.
  • Guests can promote something to the Wheel from the Waiting Room or an original idea via their Mount Rushmore selection winning a bracket of 32 or their team winning the Lightning Round. Listeners/guests can also promote something onto the Wheel by leaving a five star rating and review on iTunes/Apple Podcasts. Any winner of a bracket whether it be through a submission or Mount Rushmore selection may also give something on the wheel two spots instead of promoting something new onto the wheel.
  • The same topic (e.g. a music themed show) cannot come up in back to back weeks unless the idea is for a polarizing opposite (e.g. Best First Date Ideas & Worst First Date Ideas).
  • ‘Game Night’ and ‘Sequel Mechanism’ will each hold 1 perpetual spot on the wheel after Episode 15. Game Night involves a break from the regular bracket formula to play a game instead. Sequel Mechanism takes an already completed idea or a spin-off idea of a notable completed topic and puts it in a Waiting Room to be redone.

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