Round of 32 Winner Showdown (#20)

Rhys is joined by Stavros and Dhriti to provide commentary over the Round of 32 Winner Showdown. In this showdown, the 19 winners get together to battle it out in a simulated version of Survivor (a brantsteele). Chaos ensues as alliances are formed, promises are broken and an underdog comes out on top to claim the ultimate prize. Whether you’re a Survivor fan or not, you do not want to miss this episode! Continue reading Round of 32 Winner Showdown (#20)

32 Most Iconic Songs of the 2000s (#14)

Rhys is joined by music experts Meg and Charlotte to discuss the 32 most iconic songs of the 2000s (2000-2009). Hey Ya!, Lose Yourself, Yeah!, Crazy in Love, A Thousand Miles, Hollaback Girl and Hips Don’t Lie among many others are all discussed en route to crowning a winner of the bracket. This episode only comes once in a lifetime, so don’t miss your chance to listen. Share your thoughts on the show and follow along with the bracket Continue reading 32 Most Iconic Songs of the 2000s (#14)