32 Shows That Changed Television (#10)

This week it’s all about shows that changed the face of television as Rhys is joined by entertainment and media experts Haley and Logan. The panel breakdown 32 of the most significant shows to ever grace the TV screen and go through the bracket to declare a winner – the show of shows – the show that changed television forever.

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32 Most Iconic Songs of the 2010s (#8)

Greetings, loved one’s. Let’s take a journey…

Hey, we just met you, and this is crazy…but this week we’re counting down the thirty-two most iconic songs of the 2010s. It’s all about that bass as Rhys and his guests Dhriti and Haley come in like a wrecking ball to go through the bracket and declare a winner. Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof, and participate in both our top debate from the show and follow along with the bracket @ roundof32.com.

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