32 Best Disney Movies (#6)

Rhys is joined by Disney movie buffs Stavros and Alli to discuss the 32 Greatest Disney Movies in Episode #6 of Round of 32. The Lion King, Frozen, Coco, Tangled and many more are discussed as the Disney casual in Rhys has some very different takes from the Disney superfans joining him. Once a winner is crowned, the panel discuss last week’s Lightning Round and reveal the winning team who will get to put something new onto the wheel. To skip ahead to the wheel go to 1:30:00.

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32 Worst First Date Ideas (#4)

Rhys is joined by dating experts Dhriti and Alli to talk about the thirty-two worst first date ideas, as submitted by listeners and friends of the show. The panel discuss several truly terrible first date ideas, such as going to a friend’s house, the mall, a yoga class and the club.

Follow along with the bracket as you listen on the episode page @ roundof32.com. https://roundof32.com/2020/05/12/4-worst-first-date-ideas/

To see what’s on the Lightning Round ahead of Episode #5 visit https://roundof32.com/the-lightning-round/
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