Round of 32 Winner Showdown (#20)

Rhys is joined by Stavros and Dhriti to provide commentary over the Round of 32 Winner Showdown. In this showdown, the 19 winners get together to battle it out in a simulated version of Survivor (a brantsteele). Chaos ensues as alliances are formed, promises are broken and an underdog comes out on top to claim the ultimate prize. Whether you’re a Survivor fan or not, you do not want to miss this episode! Continue reading Round of 32 Winner Showdown (#20)

32 Best PS4 Games (#12)

On Episode #12 of the Round of 32 Podcast, gaming experts Stavros and Logan join Rhys to discuss the best PS4 video games in the form of a bracket. Rhys has absolutely no idea what he’s doing on the show; but that’s okay because Stavros and Logan have the knowledge to cover all 32 of the best games. God of War, Assassin’s Creed, Rocket League, Call of Duty and many more are all discussed on the way to crowning a winner of the bracket.

To follow along with the bracket as you listen go to Continue reading 32 Best PS4 Games (#12)

32 Best Types of Beers (#9)

This week it’s all about beer as Colby and Stavros join Rhys to discuss one of their all-time favourite topics. The episode is full of hops as the panel discuss the 32 best types of beers and go through the bracket. Know very little about beer? That’s okay! Neither does Rhys, who spends most of the episode asking questions and making jokes about loggers and blondes. Instead, Colby and Stavros educate us all on the multitude of different aspects to the complicated process that is making beer, on the way to declaring a winner.

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32 Best Disney Movies (#6)

Rhys is joined by Disney movie buffs Stavros and Alli to discuss the 32 Greatest Disney Movies in Episode #6 of Round of 32. The Lion King, Frozen, Coco, Tangled and many more are discussed as the Disney casual in Rhys has some very different takes from the Disney superfans joining him. Once a winner is crowned, the panel discuss last week’s Lightning Round and reveal the winning team who will get to put something new onto the wheel. To skip ahead to the wheel go to 1:30:00.

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Lightning Round #1 – Ice Cream, Harry Potter, Breakfast Foods and More! (#5)

This week we step away from the regular bracket format to take you to our first ever Lightning Round. Rhys is joined by returning guests Alli, Dhriti and Stavros, in addition to debutants Colby and Naomi to discuss the Mount Rushmore of a variety of topics. Topics include: Characters Harry Potter Should Have Ended Up With; Commonly Mispelled Words; Animated Shows That Deserve A Live Action Series; Types of Pie; Types of Ice Cream; Things That People Tell You Will Be Awesome, That Actually Suck; and Breakfast Foods.
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