Survivor Season Rankings 2019 (39-20)

In all honesty, 2019 was the most terrible of terrible years for Survivor. The horrid twist of Edge of Extinction, followed by one of the most unjust winners the show has ever seen was not the best way for Survivor to start the year. But it only got worse with all that went on in Island of the Idols. Due mainly to the actions of one player … Continue reading Survivor Season Rankings 2019 (39-20)

Survivor Season Rankings 2018 (37-19)

2018 has been a fantastic year for Survivor. Survivor Ghost Island produced a very entertaining show despite its critics while the latest installment of the show, Survivor David vs. Goliath is looking likely to go down as one of the very best seasons of all time. The following ranking takes into account memorable characters/players, memorable moments, the story/the editing, the winner and the overall production of each episode on a weekly basis. First we take a look at the seasons most would agree were not the best that the show has ever created from the very worst season ever to the 19th best. Here are the updated Survivor Season Rankings for 2018 from The Mastermind. Continue reading Survivor Season Rankings 2018 (37-19)

Survivor Game Changers Episode 5: Why Sandra Diaz-Twine Was Voted Out

“If they think I’m not going to take control of the situation they don’t know the queen” – Sandra Diaz-Twine before she almost turned it all around on Tai. Why _ Was Voted Out is going to be nearly impossible this week as very few people in the history of Survivor have played such an incredible game and still gone home pre-merge like Sandra Diaz-Twine just … Continue reading Survivor Game Changers Episode 5: Why Sandra Diaz-Twine Was Voted Out