Who Could Win Survivor 40: All Winners (Part 3)

On May 18, 2019, Inside Survivor released the cast for Survivor 40 a season that only includes former winners of the show. Whoever wins Survivor 40, a season of some of the best former winners of the show, could go down as the greatest winner of all time. But who has a chance at winning the million dollar prize? Let’s take a look at each cast member’s chances from low … Continue reading Who Could Win Survivor 40: All Winners (Part 3)

Survivor Season Rankings 2017

For the updated Survivor Season Rankings as of 2018, click here! I came late to the game of Survivor. My first ever season was San Juan del Sur and from that moment on I fell in love. Now that I have watched all of the seasons and now that the latest season of Survivor, the rather lacklustre Game Changers, is now over, it is now … Continue reading Survivor Season Rankings 2017

Top 10 Audience Blindsides in Survivor History

Oh the blindside. Everyone loves a good blindside! Well, except for the person being blindsided. In human nature we have a need to be right. As humans watching Survivor, we always try to make predictions about which contestant is going home each episode, and when it is someone we never expected, it usually leaves us absolutely floored. When you think of Survivor blindsides you usually think … Continue reading Top 10 Audience Blindsides in Survivor History