Survivor Season Rankings 2018 (18-1)

2018 has been a fantastic year for Survivor. Survivor Ghost Island produced a very entertaining show despite its critics while the latest installment of the show, Survivor David vs. Goliath is looking likely to go down as one of the very best seasons of all time. The following ranking takes into account memorable characters/players, memorable moments, the story/the editing, the winner and the overall production of each episode on a weekly basis. If you missed the first set of these rankings (37-19) take a look here. This current article ranks the 18th best season all the way to the very best. Here are the updated Survivor Season Rankings for 2018 from The Mastermind.  Continue reading Survivor Season Rankings 2018 (18-1)

Survivor Season Rankings 2017

For the updated Survivor Season Rankings as of 2018, click here! I came late to the game of Survivor. My first ever season was San Juan del Sur and from that moment on I fell in love. Now that I have watched all of the seasons and now that the latest season of Survivor, the rather lacklustre Game Changers, is now over, it is now … Continue reading Survivor Season Rankings 2017

Survivor Game Changers Episode 4: Why JT Was Voted Out

“If I wanted to, I could change the course of this game” – The words of JT right before he accidentally eliminated his only option on Nuku, Malcolm Freberg. After finding himself on the wrong side of the numbers at the tribe swap, surviving until day 15 was always going to mean that JT’s tribe, Nuku, were winning challenges. Unfortunately for them, challenge wins were hard to … Continue reading Survivor Game Changers Episode 4: Why JT Was Voted Out

Top 10 Survivor Social Game Performances

The Top 10 Best Social Game Performances in the History of Survivor. Limiting entries to only one per player and to only one per category, so if you think someone is missing, check out “Top 10 Survivor Strategic Game Performances” 10. Danni Boatwright – Guatemala (Winner) Danni overcame one of the greatest odds to ever win the game, overcoming a 6-4 numbers disadvantage, that was … Continue reading Top 10 Survivor Social Game Performances