Top 20 Most Underrated Survivor Players

Across 33 seasons of Survivor, many players have been raved about as being either amazing or terrible at the game. However, a few fantastic players have gone unnoticed in the Survivor world and often don’t get the credit they deserve. An underrated player in my mind is someone who is not consistently talked about as a good player and often does not get recognition for … Continue reading Top 20 Most Underrated Survivor Players

Conspiracy Theory Survivor Cambodia

Recently I had a revelation. Jeff Varner had a pre-game alliance with almost every single person on Ta Keo but with nobody on Bayon. This lead me to believe that Ta Keo was set up intentionally in Survivor Cambodia to force Jeff Varner to pick a side, knowing that he would create amazing drama out of doing so. This is illustrated by a video that … Continue reading Conspiracy Theory Survivor Cambodia