Casting Survivor 42: Second Chance 2

From Heroes vs. Villains to Micronesia to the original Second Chance season in Survivor Cambodia, some of the most popular Survivor seasons ever have been returning player seasons. The formula for Second Chance worked so well for so many different reasons. Having the fans of the show cast the show through online voting was one of Survivor’s smartest ever moves and it produces a cast full of players hungry to play not only for themselves and for their families, but for the fans as well. With the incredible success of the 31st season of the show and the plethora of fantastic one-time players since then, Second Chance should be a theme that the show returns to very soon. Here is our dream cast for Survivor Second Chance 2. Continue reading Casting Survivor 42: Second Chance 2

Top 20 Most Underrated Survivor Players

Across 33 seasons of Survivor, many players have been raved about as being either amazing or terrible at the game. However, a few fantastic players have gone unnoticed in the Survivor world and often don’t get the credit they deserve. An underrated player in my mind is someone who is not consistently talked about as a good player and often does not get recognition for … Continue reading Top 20 Most Underrated Survivor Players