The Lightning Round

Below are the ideas currently in the Lightning Round ahead of Episode #5. Guests and Hosts of the show have the power to promote the Lightning Round into the wheel as it’s own episode. The Lightning Round includes ideas that are not currently ready for a bracket and/or are better suited for a Mount Rushmore (top four). 

Hot Beverages
Harry Potter Books
Harry Potter Movies
Board Games
Months of the Year
Vegan Foods
Things People Tell You Will Be Awesome, But Actually Suck
Harry Potter Characters
Best Pets
Ice Cream Flavours
Types of Pie
Track & Field Events
Breakfast Foods
Characters Harry Potter Should Have Ended Up With
Social Distancing/Quarantine Activities
Greatest Canadian Sit-Down Restaurants
Best Jobs For Teenagers

To submit ideas for the Lightning Round email or message on Twitter @roundof_32.

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